Audi's future model plan.


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All news taken from the speech of Dr. Martin Winterkorn at todays Audis 2006 Annual press conference (2005 Annual Report) - therefore for me it is official.

market introductions:
RS 4 Avant - 1st half 2006
RS 4 Cabriolet - 1st half 2006

A6 allroad - 1st half 2006

R8 - production beginns end of 2006 / market introduction 2007
Start engine - no news for us - 4.2 / 420 hp
further engine choises with more power will follow

S3 - 2nd half 2006
only 3-door mentioned in the speech

TT Coupe - 2nd half 2006
all engines with DSG (?)

A5 - 1st half 2007
name is official for the B8 coupe version of A4
start into a new technology generation
will be build in Ingolstadt



Re: Audis future model plan

Audi Plans a Flood of New Modular Models

INGOLSTADT, Germany — Audi executives have confirmed that the go-ahead has been given for a new large coupe, positioned between the TT and the R8.

This car, a four-seat grand tourer called A5, is based on the Nuvolari concept car shown at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show. With A4 running gear, it'll go on sale next year.

Audi's just-launched Q7 SUV and forthcoming R8 supercar will spearhead a major new product initiative from VW's upscale division over the next few years. And it'll be followed by more new niche models that are possible because of new modular manufacturing techniques. According to Audi sources these include:

A7: a "four-door coupe" to rival the Mercedes-Benz CLS. U.K. magazine Car carried artists' impressions of this vehicle. Based on the A6 platform, it features concealed rear doors without visible door handles and a low-profile roof, also similar to the Nuvolari. Expect to see it around 2008.

A2: a new, more conventional replacement for the all-aluminum A2 that looks like a TT hatch and contains strong design links to the Shooting Brake concept of last year. It's aimed to win sales from Mini owners who are starting to be sick of retro styling.

Q5: a low-riding SUV crossover similar to the Roadjet concept, based on the A4's running gear. Due in 2008.

Q3: a small Golf-based SUV, a sister model to the forthcoming Volkswagen Beduin/Marrakesh.

Small sports car: a stripped-out roadster being developed jointly with Austrian motorcycle maker KTM. Due in 2008.

Large wagon: still under consideration, but it looks more likely since BMW announced plans to launch a Mercedes R-Class fighter. This will look like a big Roadjet. Your guess is as good as ours as to its name, though. Seems like Audi is running out of combinations of numbers that go with A and Q. Maybe they'll name it the AQ or the QA.

Source: Inside Line


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will the A5 be on a new chassis that it will share with the new upcoming A4 or the current A4. If its not new I will cry.

Just read audiholics post, and it says B8 A4 so taht must mean a new chassis :)


A5 , next A4 and Q5 will share the B8 platform although with Audi's new modular chassis system all new models will be derived from the same "flexible" platform.


YoungWarrior said:
will the A5 be on a new chassis that it will share with the new upcoming A4 or the current A4. If its not new I will cry.

Just read audiholics post, and it says B8 A4 so taht must mean a new chassis :)

A5 will be the first car on a new modular platform which will be used for ALL future Audi vehicles. Same platform for all Audis.

CEO Winterkorn said their are very proud of this work - it will allow them to sink the costs, enable greater flexibilit, and much shorter development time for new vehicles.


Yannis, I guess we have a collective mind ... [image no longer available]


PS: I'm very curious how this 1-platform-20-cars will work.


EniLab said:
PS: I'm very curious how this 1-platform-20-cars will work.

I will tell you how. Take a look at VW's system.

PQ35 platform=Golf and Jetta
PQ46=longer and wider PQ35=Passat
PQ45=same lenght with 35 but wide as 46=Eos

It will ride on the hybrid platform between the PQ35 (Golf/Jetta) and the PQ46 (Passat) called the PQ45, which will also underpin a compact SUV (Beduin), and a sporty five-door coupe akin to the Mercedes-Benz CLS (Corrado). This combination places the track and body width on the larger PQ46 platform with the shorter wheelbase and dimensions of the PQ35 platform. This layout is suitable for the Eos as its wider track will provide better road-holding abilities. Component sharing will be key to the Eos reasonable price, sharing the MacPherson strut, multi-link layout and electromechanical power steering systems of other mainstream VWs.


I was curious how this new proposed flexible platform would work, sounds much like Aston Martins VH platform. Very cool, and I also think this will make it easier for Audi to buld more reliable vehicles. Can't wait.