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Discussion in 'Q7' started by JHF, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. JHF

    JHF Well-Known Member


    Adopts an evolutionary design
    The first official images depicting the highly anticipated second generation Audi Q7 have surfaced the web ahead of an imminent online reveal.

    Looking exactly like you would expect, Audi's flagship SUV adopts sharper lines which have erased some of the bulky traits seen on the outgoing model but overall the design isn't that much different. More significant changes can be found inside the cabin where we notice a less cluttered design and a digital customizable cluster as found inside the new Audi TT and Volkswagen Passat. There's also a controversial free-standing display while the air vents are "connected" in the same vein as in the aforementioned Passat B8.

    The biggest changes are under the skin as the overhauled Audi Q7 has made the switch to the MLB Evo platform and is estimated to be as much as 800 lbs (363 kg) lighter. It will be offered with optional matrix LED headlights while the 6- and 8-cylinder engines will be carried over but likely with some tweaks to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Expect to find a range-topping SQ7 model with the hardware sourced from the RS5 TDI which combined twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 TDI engine with a supplemental electric turbocharger.

    There's also going to be an e-tron version powered by a 3.0-liter V6 diesel and an electric motor. This version is scheduled to go on sale a few months after the conventional powered Q7 which will debut in January at NAIAS, with a market release set for the first half of the year.

    A full reveal will likely occur in the next few hours so stay tuned.

    Source: autopareri.com



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    • JHF

      JHF Well-Known Member

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      • rs271

        rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        Top Poster Of Month

        The interior looks really great. The exterior is a good progression. Maybe a little bit to evolutionary but it's ok. :)
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        • Betty Swollocks

          Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

          I like it. Exterior and interior.
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          • Jimmy

            Jimmy Well-Known Member

            The interior appears to be absolutely splendid. Perhaps best in class, I ponder...

            Exterior: Predictable.
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            • martinbo

              martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

              Hmm... after Audi showing some styling-direction promise with the fabulously sharp A3 and new TT it looks like they've regressed to the old mehntality on the exterior styling front.

              Hate those contiguous air vent slats in the dashboard too...
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              • EnI

                EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

                Great interior? Are you sure?
                OK, the general idea is great, so is the execution ... but for an SUV? I'm not sure it fits there. In a sedan: great! But SUV? The Audi minimalistic techno-cool approach in SUV class? OK, I'm sure there are some fans out there but ... I'm certainly not.

                Exterior ... it looks absolutely classless & lacking style. It's 1st time for Audi, unfortunately. Who would have thought! Boring & predictable ... that was expected. But lacking class & style at first sight ... That's something I wouldn't expect from Audi. I hope it drives better than it looks.

                PS: I just hate the blown-up-wagon approach for full-size SUVs. Q5 looks great, Q3 has even less wagon-look in it ... but Q7 ... c'mon. Now I hope Audi comes with something spectacular with the Q8. I hope it will look like nothing like this (Q8 CGI by Autobild):

                Last edited: Dec 12, 2014
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                • fortuner

                  fortuner Well-Known Member

                  I find it very poor attempt.The exterior is boring in my view.Interior I like the instrument cluster its very nice.The air vents I find weird especially the carry over to the part in front of the passenger.I think they could have done way way better.
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                  • SDNR

                    SDNR Well-Known Member

                    Not crazy about it. I doubt this will scare Land Rover much.
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                    • sucu123

                      sucu123 Active Member

                      My two cents on the exterior:

                      Front styling looks okay so far. Headlights are connected to radiotor grill, wonder where I saw that before... ;) Other than that, it's not bad. Rear is a mess, though. I hate that rear bumper with that large red lights on it. What are those lights even good for? And why are they not integrated in the rear lights? And then there are the exhaust pipes. They look way to big und too far away from the bumper. In general, the car looks very low. For me SUV have to have a better ground clearance.

                      Interieur looks good. Air vents are taken from the current Passat, but still.
                    • SKY

                      SKY Well-Known Member

                      It looks decent. The exterior is more a facelift on the current car than anything else. Same profile with A6 Avant rear end and Q3-ish front. The interior has nce parts, like the central console and the central tunnel, but ugly ones as well. The elongated air vents look like they come from the 80s. Look bad on the Passat and same here.
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                      • Rolf

                        Rolf Well-Known Member

                        The exterior looks boring and too conservative, it's a natural extension on the previous models styling but introducing Audi take on a 3D grill which I am happy about but looking more like a blown up taller Audi A6 Avant. It's the same with the interior, I like it but it looks like a mix of Audi A6 with VW Passat full dash length air vents, which look strange!
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                        • Dauer

                          Dauer Active Member

                          My thoughts exactly. Looks like an Audi A6 AllRoad.
                          Nice interior, but in a SUV?
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                          • Tarek

                            Tarek Well-Known Member

                            Crap it looks hideous..bus style 2.0...not sure about the interior,need to see more pics.
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                            • hovabongZA

                              hovabongZA Active Member

                              Apart from the B7 RS4 I've never understood the hype over Audi interiors and this is no exception its just not attractive enough to me , the exterior of the TT,RS3 and now this ,just pedestrian not exciting at all ,but if they really dropped over 380kg kudos to them ,that's quite an achievement and it should make it better to drive than the last one.
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                              • sucu123

                                sucu123 Active Member

                                380kg less does not help to overlook that hideous rear end :D
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                                • Monster

                                  Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

                                  Maybe this thing will look better in the metal, but was this delayed because the original design proposal was too tamed. If this is the redesign then...:sleep:. Like EnI had mentioned the interior is not fit for a SUV, a sedan, a coupe, yes, it is too slim and car like for an SUV.
                                • Zafiro

                                  Zafiro Well-Known Member

                                  Gorrible exterior, lovely interior.
                                • Monster

                                  Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

                                  Gorrible? what does it mean?
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                                  • Zafiro

                                    Zafiro Well-Known Member

                                    Take a look at your keyboard, G next to H. I slip my fingers obviously :D

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