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Featured OFFICIAL Aston Martin RapidE concept

Discussion in 'Rapide S' started by rs271, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. rs271

    rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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    Aston Martin RapidE concept unveiled
    Aston Martin RapidE concept
    Aston Martin RapidE concept unveiled
    Aston Martin has unveiled their new RapidE concept.

    Based on the Rapide S, the RapidE is an electric vehicle that was jointly developed with Williams Advanced Engineering.

    Aston Martin declined to release technical specifications but the company announced they are exploring the possibility of a production variant with Chinese investment group ChinaEquity. If the model is green-lighted, it will be built in the United Kingdom and be launched in approximately two years.

    In a statement, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said “The exciting RapidE concept tangibly demonstrates the capability and ambition of Aston Martin towards developing low- and zero-emission sports cars.”


  2. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Any connection with the Williams of the Clio Williams?
  3. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's one and the same. It's part of the Williams F1 group.
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    • Human

      Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

      An Aston without the iconic exhaust sound!? You will think that hearing has failed you and that you are experiencing sudden deafness!

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      • sako97

        sako97 Well-Known Member

        Rapide S is dead... Long live RapidE

        The Rapide was gorgeous and sounded great, but these were the only endearing qualities. The sharp front windshield rake, tiny interior volume, high center tunnel, and early 2000's technology made it fail as a saloon. For years it was the worst sellling 4 door luxury car - worldwide.

        I was a big fan of the looks when it first came out, but I was very disappointed when i went on an extended test drive. My head was resting on the ceiling with the seat at the lowest setting, every single bump and rock chip was felt, and the only interior tech was the half-baked B&O sound system.
      • slicknick

        slicknick Well-Known Member

        Too bad it was not a very good car, sounded absolutely glorious every time I encountered one on the road

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