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OFFICIAL Aston Martin DBX Concept

Discussion in 'The Aston Martin Lounge' started by rs271, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. rs271

    rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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    Aston Martin DBX Concept revealed, previews the future of the GT segment
    Has an electric drivetrain
    Aston Martin has officially unveiled the DBX concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

    The British company says it “challenges the nature of luxury GT travel in the 21st century” with the new DBX concept. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer announced that the producer “will, in due course, be entering a car into the new DBX space”.

    Finished in Black Pearl Chromium, the vehicle features the trademarked Aston Martin radiator grille, combined with swept back headlights and rounded fog lamps. The interior has four seats covered in Nubuck leather.

    The DBX has an electric, inboard-of-wheel, motors powered by lithium sulphur cells. It also features innovative technologies such as drive-by-wire electric steering, driver and passenger head-up displays and carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).

    Andy Palmer explained “A concept car such as this should, in my view, challenge conventional thinking and explore the art of the possible. In the DBX Concept, I believe we have created a new type of luxury car that can not only broaden the appeal of Aston Martin to a whole new generation of customers, but sit with pride alongside the rest of our range”.

    image. image. image. image. image. image. image.

    Source: Aston Martin
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    • Giannis

      Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      It sits way too high!
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      • rs271

        rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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        I hope it's no part of the future of the GT segment. :)
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        • SDNR

          SDNR Well-Known Member

          This is an interesting take on the crossover segment. Haven't seen anything quite like this before.

          However, for me, Bentley is winning the "car of the show" so far this year at Geneva.
        • You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think that car companies come up with these types of cars just to piss me off. There is really no other reason for them to exist.
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          • lafars

            lafars Active Member


            i do like the minimalist interior though (batmobile-ish look)
          • shonguiz

            shonguiz Well-Known Member

            I like the blue color.
          • SDNR

            SDNR Well-Known Member

            That Nubuck leather interior is far from practical ......Nubuck is like suede, it is aniline leather with a soft "brushed" surface very much like Alcantara (only Alcantara is a man-made material). Very luxurious but requires a lot of special care.
          • lafars

            lafars Active Member

            I was referring to the instruments and the controls around the steering wheel
          • NarutoRamen

            NarutoRamen Well-Known Member

            It's...I...I don't even know what the hell they're going for here. It's like someone at Aston liked Local Motor Rally Fighter and decided to make an Aston "soft road" off-roader.

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            • Centurion

              Centurion Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

              Volvo beat them to it with the S60 Cross Country!

            • rs271

              rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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              Aston Martin announces crossover, two new platforms and revamped lineup
              Crossover due around 2019

              Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has shed some light regarding the company's plans for the near future.

              In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Palmer said "in the first century we went bankrupt seven times" which is why "the second century is about making sure that is not the case." To do that, Aston Martin is cooking up a crossover which will probably be out around 2019 and has already been previewed last month in Geneva with the DBX concept.

              The crossover will ride on a newly developed platform shared with a new sedan as well as with a third unknown model. These three vehicles will sit alongside rejuvenated versions of the current models which are bound to ride on a new sports car platform. This newly developed architecture will make its debut in September 2016, likely with a successor for the DB9 which could get the DB11 moniker to emphasize it’s a whole new car.

              In addition, last week we heard Palmer saying an electric version of the Rapide could be out with an all-wheel drive and a total output of 1,000 bhp (745 kW). If green-lighted for production, the electric Rapide will carry an estimated starting price of £200,000 ($298,255 / €271,465) and should have a range of more than 200 miles (322 km).

              As a final note, Aston Martin has previously announced the Ford-sourced V12 engine will live on along with the manual gearbox while future models will benefit from AMG-sourced engines.

              Source: europe.autonews.com
            • Wolfgang

              Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member


              Aston CEO calls crossover, Daimler deal keys to revival
              Aston Martin will develop two new platforms, add a crossover, refresh its supercar lineup and leverage its technology alliance with Daimler as part of its six-year plan to make the 100-year-old British brand consistently profitable.

              “In the first century we went bankrupt seven times,” CEO Andy Palmer told Automotive News Europe. “The second century is about making sure that is not the case.”

              Aston Martin aims to return to profit during the course of its revival plan, Palmer said. A key part of the turnaround will be the automaker’s first crossover, which is likely to arrive around 2019 and was previewed at last month’s Geneva auto show by the all-wheel-drive DBX concept.

              “We need to be less dependent on a narrow product portfolio,” he said. “It sounds contentious to say Aston Martin is going into crossovers, but sometimes that is what you have to do.”

              Palmer, who was Nissan’s chief planning officer before moving to Aston Martin last September, said that the SUV would be joined by a new sedan and a third model. All three will share one of the new platforms.

              Before those three vehicles start to arrive, Aston Martin will finish work on a new sports car platform that will underpin replacements for its current three-model range. The first new car from that platform is due in September 2016.

              Sales and profit slump

              Aston Martin has been struggling for years. Sales last year slipped to about 4,000 supercars from a record of 7,300 in 2007. In 2013 the automaker lost 36 million pounds (about 50 million euros at current exchange rates) and reported a 27 million pound loss in 2012, according to the most recent accounts filed to the British tax authorities.

              Palmer said the troubles started when sales of the DB9 supercar, first launched in 2003, did not reach levels needed to help fund next-generation models. Aston Martin’s sales and profits suffered because it was unable to replace the DB9 and the smaller V8/V12 Vantage. Aston Martin is counting on its financial backers to help fund its revival.

              The automaker’s main shareholders, private equity groups Investindustrial of Italy and Investment Dar and Adeem Investment of Kuwait, have agreed to back a planned 150 million pound capital hike and range expansion, Palmer said.

              Standard & Poor’s cut Aston Martin’s long-term debt by one step to B-, the sixth-highest junk level, on Feb. 13 and placed the company under “creditwatch negative,” indicating that the rating could be reduced again soon. Aston Martin is expected to continue burning cash in 2015 and 2016 on developing new models, according to the ratings firm.

              As it races to get its new platforms and models ready, Aston Martin is also introducing new products. The previously Middle East-only Lagonda four-door sedan will be sold globally and the company will offer the limited-edition, track-only Vulcan hypercar, which will start at 1.8 million pounds in the UK.

              Daimler deal

              Another key part of Aston Martin’s future is taking advantage of a 2013 deal with Daimler that gives the automaker access to the Mercedes-Benz maker’s electrical architectures including the latest infotainment and active safety systems.

              Aston Martin also will get 4.0-liter turbocharged V-8 engines from Daimler’s performance arm, Mercedes AMG. In return, Daimler has a 5 percent stake in the British company. What Palmer values most about the deal is the access to the top-end technology.

              “An engine is an engine, but access to the electrical architecture is future-proofing you,” the CEO said. “If we wanted to develop that ourselves it’s practically impossible.”

              Aston Martin will continue to source V-12 engines from Ford’s factory in Cologne, Germany, where it has its own people assembling the powerplants, a legacy from Ford’s 16-year ownership of the automaker that ended in 2007. The plant also builds V-8 engines. Palmer said increased sales at the automaker would keep the plant busy when it starts sourcing V-8s from Daimler.

              When asked about Aston Martin’s maximum production capacity Palmer said the automaker’s plant in Gaydon, central England, can make 15,000 units on three shifts. Supercar output, however, will be capped at 7,000 a year. The rest of the volume will come from the crossover, sedan and the third model built on the automaker’s second platform.

              Source: Automotive News
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              • Go home Aston, you're too high... Literally.
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                • klier

                  klier Member

                  I love the design of the front though, finally a breath of fresh air!
                • SCOTT27

                  SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                  Its an interesting idea. But somehow I see the production model gaining 5drs its what the market is wanting.
                • klier

                  klier Member

                  ^ It reminds me of the Xcoupe
                • SCOTT27

                  SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                  Bangle was right all along.
                • Wolfgang

                  Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

                  Somehow reminds me of the Intruder. :)

                • Wolfgang

                  Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member



                  Aston Martin could build new plant in Alabama
                  Building new facility near the Mercedes factory 'could make sense' says company chief

                  Aston Martin could build a new factory in the southern US state of Alabama, company boss Andy Palmer has told Autocar.

                  Any such a facility would be sited ‘close’ to the Mercedes factory at Tuscaloosa, Vance, which builds the M-Class, R-Class and GL-Class SUV models.

                  Speaking at the Britcar 24 Hour race at Silverstone, in which he is competing, Palmer told Autocar that Aston Martin has ‘had expressions of interest [in the siting of a new factory] from both many states in the US and countries around the world, including the UK.’

                  ‘It is not decided yet but clearly with our arrangement with Daimler it would make sense to look closely at the possible synergies of working close to them in Alabama.’

                  Although Aston Martin officials have not commented, Autocar understands that the production version of the Aston DBX concept car could well be based on the new Mercedes GLC, which was shown in concept form at the recent Shanghai motor show.

                  Should the GLC be built at Tuscaloosa, it would make clearly ‘make sense’ to build a new Aston facility close to the factory. Part-complete rolling chassis could be sent from the Mercedes plant to any new Aston facility in order to be completed.

                  The British brand would probably need access to the sort of suppliers that could produce Aston’s own design of dashboards, interior trim, seat finishings as well as component makers who could press and mould unique aluminium and composite body panels.

                  Setting up close to Mercedes’ existing operation would not only reduce the transport costs of the rolling chassis, but would also ensure Aston had access to Mercedes’ impressive local supplier base.

                  Building an Aston crossover in the US would also make sense from the point of view of breaking into the country’s massive crossover and SUV market, which is now close to 50 percent of all new car sales.

                  Export to Europe and China would also presumably be made relatively easy by piggybacking the existing infrastructure that Mercedes has established for its own SUV exports to those markets.

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