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OFFICIAL Aston Martin DB9 GT

Discussion in 'Aston Martin DB9' started by rs271, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. rs271

    rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Aston Martin DB9 GT


    Aston Martin is revealing the DB9 GT - the luxury British sports car maker's most compelling production 'DB' to date. Designed to offer the best of what DB9 can be, the new car delivers world-class grand touring and hand-built excellence.

    Claiming the title of the most potent DB9 yet devised, by virtue of its uprated 6.0-litre V12 engine which now boasts 547 PS - the DB9 GT makes its public debut as part of Aston Martin's impressive presence at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Aston Martin DB9 GT - timeless style redefined

    Since their debut in the early 1950s, the 'DB' models offered by Aston Martin have been synonymous with sophisticated grand touring and thrilling sports car performance.

    In the tyre tracks of DB4, DB5, DB6 and DB7, today's DB9 GT continues that distinguished tradition of luxury, excitement and style with a raft of engineering, equipment and styling developments calculated to make this the very best of what DB9 can be.

    Fundamental to the new model's unique appeal is its uprated 6.0-litre V12 petrol engine, which is capable of generating 547 PS at 6750 rpm, and 620 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm.

    The all-alloy, quad overhead cam, 48-valve 5,935 cc front mid-mounted V12 is mated to the proven rear mid-mounted Touchtronic II six-speed transmission with electronic shift-by-wire control system. It carries the British luxury sports car maker's core GT offering from rest to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds, and on to a top speed of 183 mph.

    The independent double wishbone suspension all round continues to deliver secure handling while the three-stage Adaptive Damping System (ADS) offers distinct Normal, Sport and Track modes for the broadest possible breadth of dynamic characteristics.

    However power is only part of the story, as the new Aston Martin also includes important and far-reaching equipment changes which underline its position as the best DB9 to date.

    Most notable among the interior equipment updates is the arrival of the AMi II touch-sensitive Aston Martin infotainment system. While AMi debuted on the range-topping Vanquish at its launch, AMi II offers a revised menu structure which makes using the system even more user-friendly.

    Building on the system launched in the Vanquish, the DB9 GT's AMi II infotainment package sees key improvements made in a number of areas including text message integration, vehicle status information and extended background themes for greater personalisation.

    Offering AM, FM, DAB and SDAR reception (US only), USB ports, Bluetooth audio streaming the system delivers superb connectivity and entertainment simply and easily.

    Ian Minards, Product Development Director at Aston Martin, explained: "Refining the DB9's already impressive attributes into what we have today in the DB9 GT has been a careful and delicate process.

    "Maintaining the effortlessly refined nature of our core GT sports car, while boosting power and introducing state-of-the-art infotainment systems, has required fine judgements and painstaking engineering.

    "I'm confident the result, in the shape of the DB9 GT, represents the very best of what DB9 can be, and sets the standard for luxury grand tourers in this class."

    Bespoke luxury as standard

    Instantly recognised the world over as a timelessly stylish Aston Martin, the core visual characteristics of the DB9 are of course retained in the DB9 GT. Refined styling enhancements inside and out, however, signal that this new car once again leads its class.

    Aside from the subtle GT badges, this new DB9 is identified by black painted splitter and diffuser, revised headlight and tail light treatments and new ten-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels. Black anodised brake calipers and a GT engraving on the aluminium fuel filler cap further distinguish the new model.

    Options, for those who wish to further personalise their car, include carbon fibre tail lamp inserts, side strakes, front splitter and rear diffuser; graphite, diamond-turned ten-spoke alloy wheels and alternative brake caliper colours.

    Inside, the 2+2 seating configuration remains, however the seats now boast 'GT' embroidery on the unique fluted leather. An iridium trim pack and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel (Coupe only) further distinguish the new car.

    A broad array of options inside the DB9 GT include various centre console finishes such as Ice Mocha and Copper Cuprum, while other interior options include Duotone leather seats, door inserts and head linings; and a One-77-inspired steering wheel design.

    Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, said: "The purity of form and proportion, together with a lithe powerful, stance, remain at the core of what the DB9 is to look at. With these changes, we have made the DB9 GT yet more stylish, while retaining its unmistakable and globally renowned identity."

    The DB9 GT is now available to order in markets around the world, priced from £140,000 RRP (UK), €187,000 RRP (Germany), $199,950 RRP (USA).

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    Source: Aston Martin

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    • rs271

      rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    • Merc1

      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      This has been out for a while now. I got excited thinking it was the DB9's replacement, the DB11 or whatever they're going to call it.

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      • rs271

        rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        ^Sorry for the disappointment.
        There are many threads about the DB9, but the most are reviews or spied threads referred to the successor, the DB11.
        Therefore I thought it would be time to create an official thread for its "last days". :)
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        • klier

          klier Member

          ^ It's a bit weird. Particularly with how you present it with "Aston Martin is unveiling..."
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          • rs271

            rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            ^I have moved one pic to the top. So you can see now with the first view that this is not the next generation. Maybe a small help. :)
          • Mr Robert

            Mr Robert Global Moderator Staff Member

            When will I be able to tell any of the models apart?
          • Betty Swollocks

            Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

            "......the DB9 GT makes its public debut as part of Aston Martin's impressive presence at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed."

            This was in June.
          • Giannis

            Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

            I need to get rich like yesterday!
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            • klier

              klier Member

              With the next one, the DB11
            • Monster

              Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

              After 12 years on the market, the exterior design is still fresh. The DB9 is a timeless classic.
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              • Gianclaudio

                Gianclaudio Well-Known Member

                Both DB9 and Maserati Gran Turismo, are the nicest cars my eyes have ever seen: proportions, smooth curves, subtle detailing....everything is just perfect.
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                • Human

                  Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

                  Ditto, "perfection" is the first word that comes to mind;):)(y)
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                  • hoffmeister_fan

                    hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

                    I was about to say pretty much what you guys said, almost verbatim. In terms of timeless designs and proportions, they are about as perfect GT's as they come.
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                    • KiwiRob

                      KiwiRob Active Member

                      I see this as an update of the Virage. It splits the difference between the DB9 and DBS.

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