Videos Angry customer rams Miami showroom and torches dealership!


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Strange things happen with the police. When someone shouts "please don't shoot me" they usually do while when he shouts "kill me" they don't. :D


One word, Insurance.

Dealership could care less, so long as no one got hurt.

Cars... who cares, insurance will cover all, and dude will be locked away for a looooooooong time. Dumb move.


I just heard, that guy commited suicide in a plane today :t-hands:

Man commits suicide on plane
Denver - A Florida man hanged himself in mid-flight aboard a United Airlines plane after being accused of arson at a Miami car dealership, said police on Thursday.

Denver police spokesperson Sonny Jackson said Flight 209 from Washington to Los Angeles was diverted to Denver on Wednesday after the body of Gerald Georgettis was discovered hanging in the jet's lavatory.

Jackson said: "All signs indicate that this was a suicide."

Miami-Dade police detective Robert Williams said Georgettis drove through a car showroom in Miami last Saturday in a new car he had recently bought there.

He later poured gasoline on the vehicle and set it and several other vehicles ablaze. He was apparently upset at the financing deal he had got. Williams said: "No one was hurt, but he was charged with arson and criminal mischief."