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Featured RENDERS 2019 Giulietta

Discussion in 'Giulietta' started by tristatez28lt1, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Future Alfa Romeo Giulietta Gets Giulia-Inspired Styling

    While Alfa Romeo is chasing global volume sales with the Stelvio crossover, it doesn't intend on disregarding its small cars, despite reducing demand for such vehicles.
    next-generation Giuletta and while it hasn't confirmed it, a company official has said it's "technically possible" for the compact model to be underpinned by a shortened version of the Giulia's platform. This means that there's a chance the Giulietta could be rear-wheel drive as standard and may receive an all-wheel drive option down the road, just like the Giulia.

    Beyond its new underpinnings, it is inevitable that the future Giulietta will adopt a thoroughly refreshed design, inevitably inspired by the Giulia and Stelvio.

    As depicted in these renderings from Indav Design, that could mean the inclusion of a rounder front fascia with sportier headlights than the outgoing hatchback as well as prominent creases along the bonnet.

    The entire shape of the roof could also closely resemble the Stelvio and in these images, supports thin horizontal taillights, a small spoiler and a blacked-out diffuser. All told, it looks seriously impressive and if the rear-wheel drive platform spawns a high-performance variant, could give the Focus RS a run for its money.

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