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Featured RENDERS 2018 Volvo C90 Coupe

Discussion in 'The Volvo Lounge' started by tristatez28lt1, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. tristatez28lt1

    tristatez28lt1 Well-Known Member

    Autobild is reporting this beautiful coupe will arrive at the end of 2017
    - 100,000 € +
    - finally be built after the 2013 very well received coupe concept
    - 4.50m
    - Carbon fibre body
    - 600hp mild hybrid system
    - 360hp 2.0L Turbo with 240hp from E-engines
    - RWD
    - Design takes hints from 1960s classic P1800. P1800 might even be the name for this car
    - Competition: next generation of Maserati GranTurismo and AM V8 Vantage

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    • chonkoa

      chonkoa Well-Known Member

      Volvo is on a roll.
    • KiwiRob

      KiwiRob Active Member

      Volvo will have two chassis, SPA and CMA, both designed for the instillation of tranverse engines only, I very much doubt Volvo are going to build a RWD chassis for one model. If they do build a coupe I can't imagine it will be anything other than FWD/AWD on the SPA platform.
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      • klier

        klier Member

        Agree, Kiwi. Those specs sound like a complete pipe dream.
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        • fredilon

          fredilon Member

        • KiwiRob

          KiwiRob Active Member

          I will say that sure is one pretty car, I hope they build it. It would be the perfect platform to introduce a 6 cylinder engine. I'm positive Volvo can't have been stupid enough to not design a 6 cylinder version of the VEA engine, it is modular after all so adding cylinders should not be a problem.
        • mod9

          mod9 Member

          Hohohohohohoho! That is stunning, absolutely gorgeous... I can go on with the superlative. This is one hall of a design.

          Have really warned up to Volvo but this makes me want it.

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