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Featured OFFICIAL 2018 Lexus LS

Discussion in 'LS' started by Sniper, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Gianclaudio

    Gianclaudio Well-Known Member

    And they have wonderful architects and industrial designers, yet they insist in using teenagers for designing their cars. Mazda aside, every japanese manufacturer is making horrible, shity designs at the moment. They even look worse than most of the young chinese auto industry.
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    • klier

      klier Member

      Really? There has to be a Benz on the first page of an official Lexus thread??

      Would it, by any chance, make you feel good if I say that the Lexus looks like a joke next to the Benz?

      I am not sure what you mean, the S class has stitches on the dash too.
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      • PHYBENZ

        PHYBENZ Well-Known Member

        Profile reminds me way too much of a Camry.

        Rear reminds me of a Maxima.

        Interior has some nice details, but I don't like the square air vents Lexus loves to use now. Already look dated. Doors are interesting but window switches look cheap. Stitching in certain places interesting too...
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        • Rolf

          Rolf Well-Known Member

          I agree with you @SKY the side profile has hints of Hyundai Genesis and Kia K900.



          The door handles even remind me of those on Porsche Panamera. The design of this LS500 is very fussy with too much complicated looking details that make the car not seem elegant at all.

          The interior is a mix of weird shapes and materials. In my opinion the wood used on the door panels and center console looks like plastic fake wood they used in Japanese cars in the 1980's/1990's. Is that panel with various lines running through the air vents wood trim or just a plastic strip with metal line inserts? The passenger side also has a weird dark hole next to the center screen with some blue colour streaks, not sure if this is another screen, ala BMW VFL?

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          • Car Nut

            Car Nut Member

            I think that the exterior is somewhat spoiled by the overly large (or at least long) greenhouse. It is obviously large for practical reasons but it just seems out of proportion. Also reminds me of the greenhouse on the Tesla Model X.
            Lexus side profile. Tesla Model X.
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            • klier

              klier Member

            • Sorry but this car is very ugly inside and out .what they were thinking when they design the interior .and i see alot of cars on the exterior especially nissan maxima !!
            • tristatez28lt1

              tristatez28lt1 Well-Known Member

              I'm not a fan but it has me intrigued. Let's see it in real life. Once again, it won't be the LS generation to take down the Germans and be a real contender. Unless they have some crazy technical or quality tricks up their sleeve.

              First gen LS was just ahead of everything - what a car. Put the Germans on notice. Since then Lexus hasn't produced anything of that importance.
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              • Matski

                Matski Member

                Dunno about that... The Mazda 6 looks quite a lot the the new LS in profile...

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                • Sniper

                  Sniper Member

                  Hyundai Grandeur
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                  • Centurion

                    Centurion Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

                    What a step backwards to the days of copying the Germans. The LC interior is utterly smoking while the new LS one is a generic E-Class/S-Class copy.

                    I was expecting an interior design similar to this:
                    de3743d0fef6a2a039ef481ff22de723. ea0328e62c82e69ea2d617481f72243a. 2636a19c063008e4b9d39fff93a1b808.
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                    • hoffmeister_fan

                      hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member


                      BTW, according to Carmaker, the TT-V6 is an all new design that's part of Toyota's new powertrain initiative. So this is truly ground-up new. From a performance point of view, this will easily take care of the current petrol 6cyl offered by the Germans and other competitors and possibly be close to their V8's found in their non-AMG/M/RS form. The question is how long will it be competitive, especially with M-B's new inline-six. I am taking a leap of faith in thinking that the engine is refined as Lexus is OCD about that.

                      Admittedly, it's growing on me. It's not the "game-changer" I was hoping for, but save for some details (i.e. "eyelashes' on the bottom of the headlights, rearlights uncomfortably similar to the Genesis G80) I like it. It's embracing Japanese luxury rather than aping European luxury. Although I do see hints of S-class and XJ in the interior. As mentioned before, the U/I graphics do seem woefully outdated.
                      Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
                    • Mr. Mercedes

                      Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

                      What a mess externally. Lexus has lost the plot. They're trying so hard to be young and cool, as they know they have no hope of attacking the s-classes core demographic.

                      The interior has some stunning elements...that are blatant rip offs of Mercedes production and concept interiors.
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                      • Mr. Mercedes

                        Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

                        Dufuq is up with the two stalks on top of the instrument cluster!

                        They look like horns.
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                        • SKY

                          SKY Well-Known Member

                          I am at home, looking at this on its full glory in my PC and heck, what a turd!!

                          Seriously, there are some key details that are text book examples of lack of taste and overdesign:

                          1. Stupid looking side profile, creases everywhere.
                          2. Weird looking rear.
                          3. Terrible door panels (what the heck is happening there with that leather, wood and those marks on the lighter leather?)
                          4. Central console is an abomination.
                          5. Speedo clearly out of place on a car of this level.
                          6. Black plastic buttons on a flashship. Welcome to 2002.

                          Anyone who takes a look at what Audi interiors look like on cars like the Q8 and then look at this LS interior is going to have a hard time believing these two cars have been presented the same year.
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                          • Emex

                            Emex Member

                            I don't think Mercedes are going to fear me defecting to the camry dressed as lamb badge. They should have left the camouflage on, it aint pretty!
                          • DjordjeC63

                            DjordjeC63 Active Member

                            This one was perfect:


                            They managed to f$%k it up. They make nice car (RX, LC500) and then they completely f$%k it up (GS facelift and now this).

                            btw. LS430 was handsome too

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                            • Padi

                              Padi Active Member

                              ^I agree. While it didn't have any character, it was alright to look at. Same can't be said about any contemporary Lexus. What's up with the fugly, fugly grille?!? Why!?! Already that ruins it for me, but then there's also the side profile, lights, wood on the steering wheel et.c. et.c.

                              Have no idea why a sane person would choose this thing over an S or 7. Luckily they won't either.
                            • Matski

                              Matski Member

                              I agree with this. From the renderings I thought it might be quite a looker, but it's not ended up with a very cohesive design... yet I find myself quite liking it. I don't think it would be unfair IMO to call the the S-Class, the 7 Series and the A8, Dull, Duller and Dullest - not unattractive, but typical germanic and predictable in design. The Jaguar XJ has a certain charm for a similar reason... it's not trying to be a large German saloon car, and neither is this Lexus LS. I think it will have a lot of on road presence too... it's like an angry dragon.
                            • ThroughandThrough

                              ThroughandThrough Well-Known Member

                              The interior looks like a bastardized S-Class.

                              As for the exterior ...

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