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Featured OFFICIAL 2018 Audi RS4 Avant

Discussion in 'Audi A4/S4/RS4' started by JHF, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. braaf

    braaf Member

    Wow that is one seriously sexy wagon. Well done Audi. Best looking wagon by far.
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    • Jimmy

      Jimmy Well-Known Member

      Yes, the RS3 4 door sedan is my favorite car in that particular segment (although the BMW M2 is grand as well, should one consider it a direct competitor).

      And I certainly have a soft spot for the RS5 coupe. It may not command the "gold medal" in recent comparos versus its' BMW and M-B competitors, but I personally perceive it as being the most competent "day-to-day liveable" offering
      in its' segment and thus an obvious choice for old chaps like myself (...and again, my sentiments with regard to BMWs' M4 offering being highly positive as it is perhaps the more exciting car as well as being "gaze worthy". And sorry M-B fans.As much as I like the C205 C63 AMG, it's really all about that highlight monster of an engine.).

      The RS4 Avant is nice. And I am sure that it is an excellent daily driver as well. A wee bit too predictable perhaps. But when it comes to the RS line of cars, I hope that the upcoming RS6 and RS7 successors will be the "knock it out of the park" entries in their given segments. And perhaps an S or RS8 will be a recipe for redemption in view of the seemingly (so far)
      patently visually unexciting, nondescript new A8.
      Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
    • JHF

      JHF Well-Known Member















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      • Rolf

        Rolf Well-Known Member

        This is one of the nicest looking wagons around. Amazing how they managed to improve on the boring looks of the standard Avant with this RS4. It makes a great family car and supercar slayer.
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        • braaf

          braaf Member

          It's up there with there as one of the best performance conversions of any car. I hope that makes sense.:LOL::LOL::LOL:
        • klier

          klier Member

          Very beautiful, well done Audi.

          Germans are truly rocking the IAA
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          • MoSs

            MoSs Well-Known Member

            Such a beautiful avant, wish we get those at the states.
          • Monster

            Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

            The only thing that is bothering me are those fake vents next to the headlights and tail lights.
          • Merc1

            Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            Shame. We will never see this wagon in the U.S. It is brilliant. I guess we'll have to settle for the eventual RS5 Sportback.

          • sako97

            sako97 Well-Known Member

            They might topped the FL RS6 with this one, which I thought was the best looking wagon ever.

            Finally, next generation RS wheels. They look great... the 4 spoke blade wheels got really tired looking after a while.

            If only Americans weren't so in love with crossovers...
          • emet

            emet Member

            Well... the fron ones are actually functional, the same as in the new RS5.
          • Merc1

            Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member


            I love it. WOW.


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            • Rolf

              Rolf Well-Known Member

              I love the way the wheels fill up the wheel arches with hardly any gap. The design of the wheel certainly suits this car.
            • MoSs

              MoSs Well-Known Member

              They kinda remind me of the quatrosport. But i get what u mean, they don't function
            • E63 AMG

              E63 AMG Member

              Sweet! Audi is keepin' it sexy! ;)

              Though, I'd take one in silver! Alas, German compact executive wagons are not sold in the States as of late! :( That includes the C-Class Estate!
            • klier

              klier Member

              rs4-vergelijking-header-blauw-rood. rs4-oud-achter. rs4-nieuw-achter. rs4-oud-zij. rs4-nieuw-zij. rs4-oud-voor. rs4-nieuw-voor. rs4-oud-interieur. rs4-nieuw-interieur.
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              • dali

                dali Member

                As fas as i know (according to Audi Magazine), the front + rear inlets/vents beside the lights are fake on both RS5 and RS 4.
                A little unworthy for such powerful cars...
              • Kowalski

                Kowalski Well-Known Member

                I want mine with black interior, standard wheels, boring old silver, hidden exhausts and with a 2.0 TDI badge in the back, please.
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                • Star&Car

                  Star&Car Well-Known Member

                  I still complain about the front and rear bumper design on this and the RS5,looks a little fussy.The previous one's neat design looks much better.

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