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  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Well-Known Member


    I simply hate these new-fangled "matte" finishes ! Save on rat rods and old outlaw VW Bugs & Bullis. I insist on a glossy finish with matte-silver or matte-silver bicolor rims.

    Don't judge me ! I'm old.
  2. gmeup

    gmeup Member

  3. rs271

    rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    20616794_10155604743051670_5664203875820159716_o. 20615627_10155604742881670_2846542401170643310_o. 20617027_10155604742906670_1539402737913728514_o. 20543676_10155604742831670_4948076612873910711_o.

    Source: Mercedes-Benz via Facebook
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    • sako97

      sako97 Well-Known Member

      Very sharp FullSizeRender 2.
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      • Star&Car

        Star&Car Well-Known Member

      • Rolf

        Rolf Well-Known Member

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