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OFFICIAL 2016 Jaguar XF

Discussion in 'XF' started by Serpens, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Monster

    Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

    So far I have only seen 4 new XF on the road, and one was a dealer courtesy car, it is not looking good for a car that has been on sale for just over 2 years. I see more new E class in a single parking lot, in one day than the number of XF I saw over the 2 years.
  2. klier

    klier Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    It looks like a complete disaster.
    Jaguar sucks so very, very, very much. I can't believe it.

    5er >> E class >>>> A6 >>>>>>>> V90 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>XF

    Absolutely not. This thing looks like a very cheap econobox with RWD. Just horrible.

    Yes I do, because it's all they have. I refuse to speak a single good word about their entire current line-up. What an utter joke.
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    • KiwiRob

      KiwiRob Active Member

      I'm just saying Mercedes went through a patch where there interiors were cheap and nasty and they still managed to sell cars, Jag is going though the same cheapish interior phase, I'm sure they will sort it out. If you look at the number of new products they have released in the short time fram they have released them something had to give. It's like the new Volvos, the interiors look pretty but once you start exploring the quality of the plastics and finishing materials it's not as impressive as it appears in the photos.
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      • KiwiRob

        KiwiRob Active Member

        Not over two years, it's barely 18 months, the car was launched in September 2015, it probably didn't get to Australia until early 2016. You are of course correct it's not good enough. The Sportbrake should fix that, is Australia like NZ where Mercedes aren't selling the E wagon? This should help the XF, it's the biggest executive class wagon after the E.
      • Monster

        Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

        Yes, the E wagon isn't offered in Australia, not sure if the Sportsbrake will help the sales of XF since everyone is going for a SUV at this price range.
      • Merc1

        Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        And I'm saying that what Mercedes did 15 years ago has nothing to do with today so bringing them in to try and give Jaguar an excuse in 2017 is just weak. Focus on Jaguar, it's not about Mercedes here. We all know Jaguar operates on shoe string budget.

      • hoffmeister_fan

        hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

        Mercedes did have a period where things were "spotty." It was the generation of cars that came out right around and after their "merger" with Chrysler. However, that lasted only for that generation of cars, the ship has been righted more than less. Unfortunately, Jaguar, as much as I am liking this new Sportsbrake, as marque has had a history that's much "spottier" compared to M-B's history. Don't get me wrong, Jag has a lot going for them historically, but it doesn't enjoy it as much as Mercedes.

        I sat in an XF, XE and F-pace over the weekend. They actually show a lot of potential. Exterior for all 3 are handsome. Their infortainment is at least no longer disapponting. But the interior's presentation has alot to be desired. It didn't feel terribly upscale. It felt like it something you'd see in Mazda; not something run-of-the-mill like a Toyota but not something you'd see in luxury marque, rather something in between. That shouldn't be the case, especially in an F-Pace or XF.

        I did check out an F-Type SVR. It was quite nice, but not $120,000-plus nice.

        Jaguar is killing it with their exterior, but they really need to up their interior game.
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