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2016/2017 A7 Questions

Discussion in 'Audi A7/S7/RS7' started by Osnabrueck, May 5, 2016.

  1. Osnabrueck

    Osnabrueck Well-Known Member

    Hey All!

    Poking my head up to ask a couple questions that only GCF can answer. I've been car shopping hard for a couple months now - have looked at lots of 650i and 435i cabrios - have gone full circle and am now back to looking at the S7 and A7 3.0T.

    Two questions:

    First: For those of you who have experience with the S6 and S7 seats - Would you recommend the ventilated comfort seats over the S7 sport seats? I love the quilted appearance of the bolstered S7 sport seats but think that the massage and ventilation feature of the comfort seats would trump appearance over time.

    Second: Should I wait for the 2017 models to appear? If I lease an S7 this month, am I stepping in to a bad spot in the model lifecycle? My understanding is that the 2017 S7 will only have tiny additions, like fancy interior lighting, but otherwise no difference to the 2016. Still - If waiting another month means getting a 2017 could it be worth it?

    If a new A7 is just a year away I'd consider just hanging tight with my A4 in the meantime and wait for the new-new to arrive.
  2. tristatez28lt1

    tristatez28lt1 Well-Known Member


    1) Try out the two seats and see for yourself. The massage function is useless. It's two-way and really can be disregarded (unlike the A8 that is 5 way and pretty good). The ventilation function however, is a nice addition especially if you are in hotter climates. Overall I would go with the sport seat. It's a difficult choice but the look and feel are better.

    2) I would not wait for 2017 MY. The current one if perfect and the next model year will not introduce anything meaningful. The second generation A7 is another two calendar years away.
    If I were to pick between 2016 S7 and a 2016 650i Cabrio, I would get the S7.

    Where are you located? PM me and I might be able to help you with a good salesperson.
  3. Osnabrueck

    Osnabrueck Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. The 650i cab is all but off the list. I just felt that - for the money - it didn't offer enough. Maybe I've formed a bias against BMW interiors but all of the CPO 650i I looked at were tore up lease returns with tons of ugly scratches on the gloss-finish wood trim. Beginning to think the smell of BMW leather rubs me the wrong way as well.

    Anyways, would be very happy with the S7 or A7 right now - presuming I can make the numbers work. Will shoot you a PM.
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    • trader1

      trader1 Active Member

      I picked up a 16 s7 after returning my 650..very happy with the car in every aspect ..I have not tried the sport seats but the comfort ones I have are great , supportive and the massage feature is nice to have. As far as I know I got a great deal on it ..pls feel free to message me with any questions

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