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SPIED! 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe and Cabriolet (C205)

Discussion in 'C-Class Coupé / Cabriolet' started by MBFanToDeath, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. MBFanToDeath

    MBFanToDeath Well-Known Member



    Source: Autoevolution

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    • Merc1

      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      I know its very early, but that is extremely ugly lol.

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      • Mr. Mercedes

        Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

        i'm guessing they're going to move to a hard top like the 3 series, hence the ugly ass prototype roof.

        So we're going to have a C cab and an E cab?
      • SCOTT27

        SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        The rear disguise gives the car the appearance of the BMW E63/E64, wonder if it will be called the D-Klasse?
        Their could be a hardtop but the actual roof looks Like one of those clip-on roofs.
      • Yeah, your right Scott. It does kind of have a E64 thing going on at the back. Although it is nowhere near as radical......Damn, I miss Bangle.....
      • SKY

        SKY Well-Known Member

        It's me or ot looks super tiny? Cant see how this can compete with a 4er or A5, it's just too small.
      • tennmb

        tennmb Well-Known Member

        Ugly? I think the lines are quite nice. Obviously the disguise panel for the top looks quirky, but that won't remain.

        The E cab will either have to go, or move way up market. Listen, MB has tried to pass the e-coupe and cab off as something they are not for years. They are nice cars, but they share their bones with a C-class. I was very dissapointed when MB all but lied, trying to say this wasn't the case. When one of our trainers was here, I removed the trunk lining on a C sedan, and E sedan, and an E cab. I then asked him to tell me, which one of these is not like the other. When you looked at the welding points, you could see that the E-cab and C-sedan were nearly identical, while the E-sedan was noticably different. Combine that with the exact same wheel-base and track as the C, and well????

        So, the next E-cab, if there is one, can't simply be a jacked up C-class, since it appears a C-cab is finally a reality.
        What I'd really like to see is a CLS cab. Actual two door, but with the lines and wheelbase on the CLS. That would be an interesting niche.
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        • tennmb

          tennmb Well-Known Member

          No car it is pictured close enough to gauge. But based on the driver, it looks to be a good size. Plus the next C is supposed to longer and wider.
        • Merc1

          Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

          Yes very true. There hasn't been a true E Coupe and Cabrio since the C124 bowed out in 1995. Hopefully Mercedes is already working a true E-Class line for 2016, sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible to take on the 5 and 6 Series cars. The E coupe back in the day was like 10K more than the sedan, not the same or less in price. That told me back in 2010 that the E Coupe and Cab were C-Class based.

        • SKY

          SKY Well-Known Member

          On this one the door handles appear to be ON the shoulder line instead of above it, as usual.
        • klier

          klier Member

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          First ever C class cabrio? In name maybe. For the rest not so much. More like the 4th.
        • W201

          W201 Active Member

          Or a 6-Series competitor? 2dr CLS is what next E Klasse Coupe is to become, if it moves upmarket, no?

          Also, don't forget this: MB is introducing new rear wheel drive platform, and it is a modular one. If I am correct, it is called MRA? So now, the only question that remains is - which Klasses are going to share it? My guess is - C and E definitely (and all their variants), but I still haven't figured out if the new S is based on same that platform? Like it or not, modular platforms are coming here to stay, and some Klasses are going to lose their 'bespokenes'.
        • Levi68

          Levi68 Banned

          Such a beautiful car ruined by a pointless dropping line.

        • Cashmere

          Cashmere Well-Known Member

          oh boy. Those proportions don't look very promising.
        • Mr. Mercedes

          Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

          The proportions appear to be perfect for a cab of this size. It's just that stupid roof that's throwing everyone off. It's obviously not what it will be.
        • I like it, really do. I like the top because too me looks like a mini CL from '99. From what I know the E coupe is at this moment rival with the A5 and 4 series BMW.
        • Gianclaudio

          Gianclaudio Well-Known Member

          Can you guys borrow me your x rays glasses so I can decide if it's ugly or nice as you say? :D
        • Serpens

          Serpens Active Member

          The S-class is on the modular MRA platform too.
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          • dtd

            dtd Active Member

            Hi guys,
            I've read from thral e site about the BMW 328i. Someone there complains about the 2l turbo 4 engine burns oil.This is a new engine and things like that already happens ! That really sucks. Some people think it 's natural for the small turbo engine. I don't know if I can buy that. So my question is , anyone who owns the C250 ( which is also a turbo 4cyl) experience the loss of engine oil? if so, what mileage do you have? I hope MB does not have that kind of problem.
          • Carmaker1

            Carmaker1 Member

            2016 Mercedes-Benz C Class Cabriolet Spy Shots

            These are the first spy shots of prototypes for the convertible version of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz C Class, which has already been confirmed by the automaker’s U.S. chief and is expected on the market sometime in 2015, a full year after the launch of the new C Class sedan.

            Public road trials of Mercedes’ new C Class sedan have been underway for more than a year, with numerous spy shots and even a spy video already posted on Motor Authority.

            However, the C Class convertible, likely to be called a C Class Cabriolet and due as a 2016 model, has only just begun real-world testing.

            This prototype is fitted with a lightweight carbon fiber canopy, though this is only a temporary unit designed to hide an automatic folding soft-top roof. Mercedes is likely to forgo a retractable hardtop in favor of the lighter and less expensive soft-top, just as it has with the E Class Cabrio and upcoming S Class Cabrio.

            On most of the prototypes, the side mirrors are mounted on the doors, whereas on the sedan these are mounted at the base of the A-pillar.

            The C Class Cabrio’s wheelbase is also noticeably shorter than that of the C Class sedan, and currently it looks like its rear section is more rounded and a tad wider.

            Finally, a glimpse of the interior reveals a conventional, multi-function steering wheel design.
            49e20ac0a11f5fc0deedd5f6b21cdf23. afd4b8c5132333dbfd0d7bde6a800d54. 29d94ad9e285f19d5ee24535ade39d29.
            76c2c91224be8c5f257ead5950db38c8. 2b3ade7f9042661ff80623989c0317e5.
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