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Video: Chris Harris rides in the Porsche 918 Spyder

posted by Giannis
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When it comes to Chris Harris, usually no explanation is needed. He’s, by far, our most favourite automotive journalist with a known affection with everything with a Porsche badge on it. With the only exception being the Cayenne, we were eagerly waiting to hear his opinion on the Porsche 918, the Carrera GT’s successor. A hybrid supercar with a combined output of over 700hp and enough torque to make the earth spin the other way around.

Even though he’s not driving, rather than riding in the passenger seat, CH gives us many interesting details on the development and technology behind the 918. He even compares it to the groundbreaking (for its time) 959. As shocking as it may here, Mr Harris has arguments to back this up. Check the above video for more!

Source: [YouTube]

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