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Top Gear: MB A200 Sport vs BMW 118dM vs Volvo V40 D3 vs Audi A3 Sport

posted by Giannis

It’s the premium hatchback segment, possibly the most competitive of the premium segment. Traditionally dominated by the Audi A3, the BMW 1 series and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, is now infiltrated by Volvo’s new hatch, the V40, which has to compete the latest generation of the above mentioned models, that only debuted the last year. All four cars have to compete in many categories: Luxury, prestige, comfort, handling and as the latest economic trends demand, fuel consumption.

Diesel engines are continuously gaining momentum at the expense of their gasoline power counterparts. All four models tested feature a 2.0l diesel engine (1.9l for the A200) and a “Sport” badge, or “M” as it’s called in Munich. Of course, the guys from Gothenburg don’t know this word, but their efforts to learn are admirable.

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