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The last few faithful ones

Discussion in 'The Pit - General Discussion' started by Levi68, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    I decided to make this thread in keep clear what are the last cars that stay faithful o naturally aspirated engines. We know times are changing and NA engines will disapear in favour of FI engines and different hybrid and electric powertrains.
    I will for now post the last cars that came out recentley, those that got NA engines instead of the new FI ones. Some more are on their way as for instance Toyota FT-86, Porsche 911 (991), Mercedes SLK 55 AMG (R202) and Lotus Esprit.

    THUMBS UP to those that still decided to keep the NA engines, in these harder getting times of downsizing and efficiency, and in the same time, THUMBS DOWN to BMW for not having put any last H-R NA I6 into the last 1 Series M Coupé and to Honda for not having built the street going car of the Honda HSV-010 GT with neither the racing 500 PS 3,4l V8 nor the 550 PS 4,5l V10.

    All respect to...

    Aston Martin One-77
    7,3l V12
    760 PS


    Ferrari 458 Italia
    4,5l V8
    570 PS


    Ferrari FF
    6,3l V12
    660 PS

    [Broken External Image]:http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/9277/ferrariff.jpg

    Lamborghini Aventador
    6,5l V12
    700 PS


    Lexus LF-A
    4,8l V10
    560 PS

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  2. 330CIZHP

    330CIZHP Well-Known Member

    Definitely end of an era. How I have always known and heard race engines for the streets about to be changed in the next few years.

    You can add the Porsche GT3 RS engine as well. Also, LFA engine has two variants. One makes 560 PS and the other makes 570 PS.
  3. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Great Thread.

    The Aventador is one of the best designed, most desireable cars ever. Look at the design. It almost hold that magic spot that the Countach did on my wall in the 80's.

  4. 330CIZHP

    330CIZHP Well-Known Member

    I would suggest this thread adding videos of all of these engines in all their glory as a celebration.
  5. martinbo

    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Some naturally aspirated admiration for M156 and M159 engined AMG models wouldn't go amiss in this thread either, even though they are also the last of their kind.
  6. south

    south Well-Known Member

    Not to forget the brand new M152. :)

    Best regards,
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  7. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    I know is possible to put 911 GT3 (997), M3 and M5 with S65 and S85, R8 with V8 and V10 and AMG's 6,3l, but it was not what I meant. What I meant is that the Aventador could have gone a smaller turboed V12, but they decided to keep a NA large displacement V12. If the 911 GT3 (991) still gets a NA Flat6, then it will also be here. As for the M152, I am waiting for pics of SLK AMG.
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  8. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

  9. wookieecrisp

    wookieecrisp Active Member

    Thanks for posting this! 7.3 liter naturally-aspirated V12 is perhaps the most desirable engine ever, in both the One-77 and Zonda.
  10. 330CIZHP

    330CIZHP Well-Known Member

    Some videos for aural pleasure. More videos to come:

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  11. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    Mercedes SLK 55 AMG (R172)
    5,5l V8
    422 PS

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  12. Human

    Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

    ^ SLK 55 AMG deserves it's rightful place here:t-cheers:

    BMW M and Audi R/RS has lost their "balls" (engine wise) in this and segment/s (incl. next M3 & Audi RS4) :t-banghea
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  13. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    Porsche 911 (991)
    3,4l H6 / 3,8l H6
    350 PS / 400 PS

    [Broken External Image]:http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/7421/porsche911991.jpg

    Ferrari 458 Spider
    4,5l V8
    570 PS

  14. Sunny

    Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

    Well, if this makes the cut, why not the Coyote 5L V8 from Ford Mustang GT, especially Boss 302?

    View attachment d63ec7c8582e6ff848b4a26ff42b323f.jpg

    444HP from 5L, 380lbft of torque, 7500 rpm redline. 11.1:1 CR, Forged crankshaft, sodium filled valves...
  15. FC123

    FC123 Well-Known Member

    And just to remind us, why turbos have a use as well...:


    1.6 litre of sloooooooooownesss...

  16. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    Toyota GT86
    2,0l H4
    200 PS

  17. Tumbo

    Tumbo Audi/MB/VW/Lambo fan

    Just a question: Why is not the R8 in this "last faithful ones" ? It has always used NA engines.
  18. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    Because it is "old". If the next R8 comes with NA engine then it will be on the list. Also the M3 E9X is not on this list because it is "old"; If the next M3 F8X comes with NA engine then it will be on the list. However, knowing the next M3 F8X comes with a turbo 6 cylinder engine it will not be on this list. Let us hope the Gallardo replacement will have its place here. The next cars on this list will be the 599 replacment, new Boxter and Cayman. :)
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  19. -=Hot|Ice=-

    -=Hot|Ice=- Well-Known Member

    No mention of the glorious S65?
  20. NarutoRamen

    NarutoRamen Well-Known Member

    Do you mean S-class? S65 has a FI engine.

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