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PICTURES Official Pictures : BMW 6er Convertible.

Discussion in '6 Series' started by SCOTT27, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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  2. LaArtist

    LaArtist Banned

    ^For how long?
    If its not coming today..this thread is uncalled for..
  3. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

  4. HighestOfHigh

    HighestOfHigh Global Moderator Staff Member Contributing Member

    Good News, but the BMW 6 production version Convertible comes out before the production coupe? Or is this the concept version convertible?

    Either way it always nice to see something new.
  5. south

    south Well-Known Member

    While we're waiting:


    Best regards,

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  6. LaArtist

    LaArtist Banned

    Freakin HOT!!!

  7. HighestOfHigh

    HighestOfHigh Global Moderator Staff Member Contributing Member

    Looks pretty good.
  8. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    I'm not a convertible fan. I was hoping to see the Coupé first.
  9. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    [Broken External Image]:http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/1627/24450925.jpg

    [Broken External Image]:http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/2720/17007545.jpg
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  10. sedmica

    sedmica Active Member

    We have been told more than a 10 times by Scott that the production convertible will debute first. Meaning we will see the official photos in November 2010. and first production in April 2011. Coupe will be avialible in September 2011 as l can recall.
  11. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    I agree. This thread should be closed or merged with the spyshot thread.
  12. bum-man

    bum-man Well-Known Member

    The back is definitely super sexy!
  13. ghusheshe

    ghusheshe Active Member

    Hot Dammmn...:icondrool that's freakin' HOT.....
  14. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    JOY FLOWS... tonight.

    The issue with Cabrio and Coupe is officially - released early to capitalize on the early Spring Convertible market. Unofficially, the abandonment of the original folding hard-top concept after so much work was completed brought delays to the Coupe development.

    Due to launch cycles for new models coming at shorter intervals for eg - 5er and 5er Touring within four months compared to a year between E60 and E61.

    The 6er Coupe will be launched At Geneva in March.
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  15. shonguiz

    shonguiz Well-Known Member

    Why did you abondonn the hard top option ?
  16. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    It was found that too much weight over the rear axle hindered the car's dynamics. The balance needed was not being found with the hard-top.

    This new 6er is a more dynamic type of car than the E63 and E64.
    In original development engineers spent as much time with the BMW Classic fleet, E24 635 Coupes than they did with the E63/E64.
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  17. Will

    Will Active Member

    Will we be seeing the official shots soon Scott?
  18. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

  19. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    Im going to bed now, wake me up when the shots are coming :D
  20. klier

    klier Member

    ^^^ Give me your mobile number and I'll give you a ring ;)

    So far it's looking extremely good!!! Can't wait to see more in high res glory :icondrool

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