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Discussion in 'X6 SAC' started by Sayyaaf, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Sayyaaf

    Sayyaaf Well-Known Member

    [Broken External Image]:http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/2143/12127764523br0.jpg

    [Broken External Image]:http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/7000/12127764213ra0.jpg [Broken External Image]:http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/6163/12127763811ny9.jpg 4fcc48b80bcef980cf74df29907e5cd9.

    [Broken External Image]:http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/9715/12127763618sm0.jpg [Broken External Image]:http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/1763/12127763336na7.jpg [Broken External Image]:http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/193/12127763424nl5.jpg

    More pics & info: Autocar - BMW X6: pictures, details and video

    Official press release:

    German version

    US version

    Here it is, the New BMW X6.

    Pics will be up soon but here is the official video.

    courtesy to member alistar26 for posting the video at the spyshots thread.

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  2. shonguiz

    shonguiz Well-Known Member

    ANother hit from München, without a doubt. 24870c399ee6eade0edca5dee2c8780b.
  3. klier

    klier Member

    Looks great! But I need more than a low res youtube movie.
  4. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member

    Arrhhh!! I want it.

    Press pictures needed ASAP.
  5. klier

    klier Member

    Hehehe, yeah....ASAP. Why is it taking so long this time?????
  6. Choleric

    Choleric Well-Known Member

    I would still like to hear from Eni or Scott about this...
  7. vedjo01

    vedjo01 Well-Known Member

    Now BMW has best SUV lineup at automotive market :bowdown::bowdown:
    Crazy car..love it:icondrool:usa7uh:.
  8. klier

    klier Member

    Hear what? This is 100% sure the real thing from BMW.
  9. Choleric

    Choleric Well-Known Member

    I know.

    I would still like to hear from them. Maybe they could finally suply us with pictures.
  10. klier

    klier Member

    It's never Scott or Eni who show the pics first :t-cheers:
  11. SDNR

    SDNR Well-Known Member

  12. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Officially this unofficial. And unofficially this is official....

    decipher the code....:D
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  13. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

    Finally, no big surprises though since we knew that it would look a little less exciting than than the concept. now I want to see some specs.
  14. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    According to german AMS the pressrelese is coming tomorrow.
  15. Choleric

    Choleric Well-Known Member

    How long do you guys think before BMW forces YouTube to remove the video?
  16. S'Pimp

    S'Pimp Well-Known Member

    found this:
    [Broken External Image]:http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/5091/bmwx6ca4.jpg
    sorry, pls. del.
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  17. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

    Old chop, every close though.
  18. EMpower

    EMpower Well-Known Member

    Looking good. Why the Xdrive on side? nothing new about 'the name'. Should be DxD or something.
  19. warot

    warot Well-Known Member

    The rear of the car is just mind blowing, I think it's one of the most aggressive out along with the M6.

    This car WILL create a million copy cats. THis thing is awesome
  20. H50

    H50 Active Member

    I dont think they would do such thing,, YouTube is known as free advertisement for them,, Why to remove it ;)

    I need to the V8 with bigger wheels and better exterior options...

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