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  1. LaArtist

    LaArtist Well-Known Member

    Here we go:D

    16380e208947221ee44cd6c6d8bb73e6. 5da404fed36b808bfa50e3e03470a502.
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    • ZicZachZo

      ZicZachZo Well-Known Member

      The light colored interior with the light colored wood :love:(y)

      Can't wait for high res bliss
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      • good 3uy 3mw !!!!!
      • mini_cooper4

        mini_cooper4 Well-Known Member

        Interior - SUBLIME!!!!!!
        Exterior - I hate it and love it in the same time! It could have been perfect :)
        So chances we are getting a Classic grill for the AMG-Pack are really slim or?
        Still no one does a PS...
      • Mr. Mercedes

        Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

        Executive class perfection!
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        • Gianclaudio

          Gianclaudio Well-Known Member

          Look at those proportions!!!! :

          I said it before, and will say it again, IMO this is the most desiderable Mercedes sedan since the W124/W126. I absolutely love it
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          • vios1

            vios1 Well-Known Member

            Great looking little sedan, the sport look more like the w204 pre facelift to me while the luxury grille more like a scale down S-Class...definitely a true winner to me!;)
          • Merc1

            Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            It feels like the 190E or the W202 launch all over again. This car will be a major success. Question is whether or not they can scale down the S-Class coupe to make a good looking C Coupe.

          • Beautiful and a great thing to wake up. Like Christmas :)
          • Star&Car

            Star&Car Well-Known Member

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            • Wunderkind

              Wunderkind Active Member

              The C63 is going to be HOT!
            • My exact thoughts

              Can't wait till October 2014 though :(

              May need to get the C63 Edition 507 in the mean time
            • Nicks

              Nicks Active Member

              Damn, it look good!
              Imagine what coupe gonna look like
            • rs271

              rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

              Top Poster Of Month

              The only once what is not perfect for me is the layout of the screen. The BMW layout is for me more consistent. But I have to wait to see it in real life for a final verdict. But it's a great car.
            • Amat46

              Amat46 Well-Known Member Premium Member

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              • Already on Youtube... Yeah!!! AMAZING LOOKING CAR
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                • martinbo

                  martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                  It is pretty darn amazing. Segment leader in the desirability stakes, no question. @LaArtist - now's a great time to do an F30 vs W205 internal combustion thread. :)
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                  • Auto

                    Auto Well-Known Member

                    Whooa! Amazing looks! F30/F31 just got old as ****!
                  • EPIC PROPORTIONS

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                  • Sovereign

                    Sovereign Well-Known Member

                    The interior design is the best in its class. I would dare to say that its the best interior in this class...past or present. I am liking the layout more than any other Benz currently in production. What a simple yet elegant design which is also sporty and classy at the same time.
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