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SPIED! Mercedes 2016 GLC (GLK Coupe)

Discussion in 'New MB Models / Vehicles' started by Wolfgang, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member


    Mercedes GLK coupé (2016) CAR scoop
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  2. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Oh my. After the ML coupe, the MLC that should be enough. Mercedes needs to focus on making what they have better IMO.

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  3. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Not sure if the GLC Coupe has been approved officially. This may just be teasing the next GLK, expected in 2015. We'll see. ;)
  4. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    They can't afford to let BMW and AUDI proliferate. The sales gap would only continue to widen.
  5. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    I don't know if I agree with that anymore, in fact I don't. At some point you're only taking customers from other models in your own lineup. I truly believe that if Mercedes hit harder with their cars (design, efficiency, dynamics, quality, or whatever people preceive to be lacking) with the cars that they have they could grow sales just as fast with each re-design of existing models. I don't think the solution is to follow BMW and Audi into every segment possible. As it stands now they have a bigger lineup than Audi or BMW and yet their sales are behind. The says to me it is the cars, imgage, design, marketing, or something, but not the number of models. Mercedes already has the most extensive lineup of any luxury car maker, so I don't buy that more models is the solution. I think they need to re-trench and make every model an absolute winner/class leader or standout (like say Porsche) and the sales will take care of themselves. Adding a even smaller GLK coupe in between the upcoming GLA and existing GLK isn't going to save them or put them on par with Audi or BMW in sales. Something about Audi and BMW cars is resonating more with customers worldwide outside the U.S. Mercedes also needs to fix China ASAP. That is where a lot of the lead that BMW and Audi have appears to be coming from.

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  6. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    The problem with MB's line up, is that while it's big, it is top heavy and sorely lacking at the lower end. This is where the volumes are. Having both the A-class and B-class was completely pointless, and it is only now that they're about to introduce some much needed (from a volume point of view) higher volume lines. The GLK is missing from some important RHD markets, and they are yet to answer the very popular X1 and Q3, which each would sell in excess of 100K a year.

    Also, it doesn't seem like the w212 has been the sales success they had hoped following the hugely successful w204, lagging some 100k behind the 5 series and 50K or
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  7. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Looked up some numbers to see where the 212 might be lagging? ;)

    2012 Sales China
    Audi A6L ..................... 138,024
    BMW 5-Series L .......... 107,171
    Mercedes E-Klasse L .... 36,351

    2012 Sales HongKong
    Mercedes E-Class .......... 2,327
    BMW 5 Series ................ 1,895
    Audi A6 ............................. 375

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  8. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    Once again very informative Wolfgang. It's now obvious why the E-class numbers are not what they should be. MB China is simply a mess and those sales numbers in China are a joke. Just one market, and the sales differential between the E, 5 and A6 is clearly explained.

    So it's not the total sales disaster worldwide that some members here would have us believe, and the and the problem seems to be confined largely to one market.

    Makes sense that they would use the hoopla of an S-class launch to create some positive market sentiment in China.
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  9. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

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  10. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Good point Merc1, as always. MB explained the cannibalisation aspect recently. We'll see if it works like that. ;)

    Mercedes worked on giving the CLA an aggressive design to put space between it and the automakers more conservative C-Class sedans so as not to cannibalize sales, said Heiko Schmidt, product manager for the CLA. “We wanted it to have a bold status and presence on the road,” Schmidt said. “It shouldn’t look like just another compact sedan.” LA Times

    Agreed! And I find it just boring, if MB copies too closely. Boring. MB is far more intriguing when they do their own thing. And if there has to be some limited copying, then they should insist to always also bring their own mind, style, inventiveness and engineering into the equation.
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  11. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    Probably why they are pushing the CLA more as a 4 door coupe than a sedan, to distance it from the C. That said the next C is supposed to get a lot more aggressive.

    Audi is potentially going to hurt the A4 quite a bit with the A3 sedan.
  12. Smithee

    Smithee Member

    Mr. Mercedes, The sales gap for 2012 with BMW is 1,540,085 vs 1,320,097, so BMW led by 219,988. But the Mercedes sales figure is inflated because it includes the sales if Viano, which in reality is a commercial vehicle but Mercedes includes it in passenger sales. BMW last year sold 147,776 X1s, Mercedes sold zero as they do not have a car in this high volume segment. Also BMW sold 149,853 X3s and MB 109,813 GLKs again MB does not sell GLKs in RHD markets. Not to mention the well documented problems MB has in China.

    As for MB Vs Audi, the raw numbers are 1,320,097 vs 1,455,100, Audi led by 135,003. Again MB figures were boosted by Viano but the Audi numbers were boosted by the figures for A1. The A1 is in the Smart/Mini segment and MB & BMW list these figures separately. Again Audi had the Q3 and MB has nothing in this segment. The Q5 vs GLK not selling in the RHD. And MB Vs Audi in China is a no contest as Audi sold 405,838 vehicles in China the Total Daimler sales across all brands in China were 206,150.

    There are some positive signs though, the China issue is being addressed by Daimler with a dedicated Board member for China Operations. The BLA (GLA) is coming next year to fight X1/Q3 and next the new Modular Rear Wheel Drive Architecture (MRA) will allow for all MB vehicles to be produced in LHD and RHD.

    The MRA will also increase efficiencies and drive down the cost as MB cuts down the number of platforms they current have to basically 3 platforms the Modular Front Wheel Drive Architecture, the MRA and the 3rd platform for the SL/SLS..
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  13. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member


    Don't forget MB has B-class mini-van, while BMW & Audi have no offer in this segment as of yet. And it's a high-volume segment ... with an annual sales of at least 100k units.

    So with CLA introduction (also mind that contrary to Audi & BMW MB have no 3dr A-class in the portfolio as of yet!!! So CLa is more-or-less a sales substitute for the 3dr hatchback - sales figures wise, compared to BM;W & Audi) & GLA coming MB will sure gain sales, but so will eg. BMW with the introduction of ActiveTourer minivan, and also with some niche cars like eg. 3er GT, 4er Grancoupe etc. The next big thing can also be the X7.

    Audi's next big thing will be A3 sedan (which will be an instant best-seller in its segment, I'm sure .... and it has global potential ... while eg. premium minivans are more Europe-centric) & A3-based mini-van to fight B-class & BMW's AT - both with sales potential of 100k units/year EACH!!! BMW are also planing a 4dr model in the 1er segment ... eg. a FED 1er sedan would also be an instant hit - as an entry BMW sedan.

    Then all 3 are about to launch new SACs (like MLC/GLC, Q6, X4) ... Audi to expand the A1-family ... BMW to introduce a sub-1er Series ...

    Sure MB will add some high-volume selling models to the portfolio in the near future (and some niche models too) but so will the BMW & Audi ... So there's no real advantage there. Perhaps an opportunity window of eg max 10 months but no more.

    I'm not sure any brand can build the advantage based on the new models only. The opportunity is in the new uprising markets, and local production there ... Especially big ones like China, perhaps India etc. Audi has a huge advantage there, BMW is closing the gap, MB fell behind mostly due to sales channel failure - so it has quite some reserve there. But the demand for all 3 brands is strong - and the race will concentrate on local production facility: there the advantage can be gained or lost ... who will expand the facilities the most & the quickest. We are talking several 100k units here - and that the figure that can influence the worldwide annual sales figures a lot.

    And here Audi has the most ambitious goal, while BMW & MB lagging behind for at least 200-300k!!!! The goals regarding local production are (by 2015): Audi 700,000; BMW 400,000; MB 200,000. And there's the base for Audi's ambition & plane to become best selling premium brand in the world: China - based on huge local Audi production there. Just check the numbers: 700k vs 400k vs 200k. And the best selling models & the vast majority of sold cars there are the locally produced cars by Audi, BMW & MB.

    China ... the strength & volume of Chinese market and especially the capacity of local production there will determine the global sales for BMW, Audi & MB in the next years ... and the exact position on the podium. And it's obvious MB is destined for #3 position, while BMW will try to retain #1 spot ... with Audi targeting #1 position ambitiously & aggressively.

    Chinese sales will definitely & crucially determine global #1 premium automotive brand by sales by 2016 ... Unless Chinese automotive market collapses completely (eg. due to political unrests, trade war with EU, administrative decisions on automotive sales limits in big cities, Chinese economy going into recession etc) ... Then Audi is the brand that could lose most.
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  14. K-A

    K-A Banned

    You guys have to keep in mind the E-Class is the only car in the segment with a Coupe version to add to its sales. Which makes the E's "performance" all the worse VS its closest rivals, if you assume Sedan VS Sedan sales, especially considering what you'd expect from the storied namesake. E sales in 2012 included: Sedan/Wagon/AMG/Coupe. 5er Sales in 2012 included only Sedan/Wagon/GT (GT accounts for little, pretty much none in the States), and the M5 was out for only a short period. What's interesting to me is that in Europe EVERYWHERE you look there's an E Taxi. Therefore you have to wonder just how many of those "lagging" E Sedan sales are personally chosen cars like the 5er and A6's more vast majority are.

    If M-B said "WE DON'T CARE ABOUT SALES", not only would that be the bada$$ move they need to instill some cool-factor back, but then you can write it off as them not going after mass as much as prestige and ultimate product supremacy.

    Fact is, M-B seems to be the most public about wanting to gain mass sales, which is why it looks so bad on them (one part of that is a more diluted lineup already than the rest). More dilution is NOT the answer!

    Why are people switching to 5-Series and now A6? Well, I can write a Textbook on that. I think M-B is hanging on a dangerous rope by going the route of "more more more more products to gain more mass sales and then do reconstructive surgery for a mere facelift it if it doesn't initially work out like we planned" rather than refining and honing in their core product range that currently exists into would-be class leaders (no M-B but the S-Class is considered a Class leader at this point).
  15. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the analysis Smithee. MB's portfolio really isn't fairing badly in light of the fact that just the Chinese market accounts for 70K and over 100K shortfall compared to BMW and Audi respectively. And thats just in the E-class segment.
  16. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member


    Rumor: Mercedes GLC coming 2016
    The new GLK generation will include a coupe

    The vapors regarding Mercedes-Benz GLK Coupé rumors condense: The smoke signals all indicate a GLC model may come to market in 2016. This model has long been mentioned on and off again. But now the lights for the Mercedes GLC turned green - also to form a counterweight to the upcoming Porsche Macan. The Mercedes GLC will be based on the new MRA, Mercedes Rear Wheel Drive Architecture. Whether there will be an AMG version of the crossover with the star has not yet been decided.

  17. HighestOfHigh

    HighestOfHigh Global Moderator Staff Member Contributing Member

    Sounds good to me, but I guess they decided not to do the retro GLK (mini G-class).
  18. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Here's another proposal, with more G DNA. Confusing. :)


    The Mercedes GLK has been met with increasing enthusiasm ever since it came to the market in 2009 and now after the facelift it’s time to look into the compact crossover’s future. It seems that Mercedes is planing to introduce a coupe version of the GLK with the second generation of the car.

    The next GLK will be underpinned by a new rear-wheel drive Mercedes platform, the MRA. Entry-level models will be available with Mercedes' 4Matic all-wheel drive as an option, while the superior ones will include this in the standard equipment.

    The model is expected to trade the current boxy look for a more refined one, which would serve as a good starting point for a three-door version. The coupe, which should arrive in 2016, is expected to use the GLC designation. As for the engine range, this will start with 2.0 or 2.2-liter petrol and diesel units, but the company is also considering an AMG version, which would be powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8.

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  19. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    I doubt that sketch it actually an indication of the vehicle. Mercedes will undoubtedly ditch the harder lines in favour of smooth more organic ones.
  20. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Something like that would have stunned the market for the current GLK.

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