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Leno's W108 6.3 To Get The New 63 AMG Engine

Discussion in 'Older MBs, Vintage' started by modena_360stradale, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. modena_360stradale

    modena_360stradale Active Member

    Jay Leno Building Stonkin' AMG-Powered German Hell Sled

    [Broken External Image]:http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/12/2009/12/500x_jay_leno_hell_sled.jpg

    During last week's Mercedes-sponsored tour of Jay Leno's garage, we discovered Jay likes old Benz cruise missiles. Now one is scheduled to get a fire-breathing, 6.2-liter, 518 HP AMG V8. Details and engine porn below.

    [Broken External Image]:http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/12/2009/12/500x_jay_leno_63_motor_mercedes_01.jpg

    The 1968-1972 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 began life as a Q-ship. Stuttgart's first insane four-door paired the relatively light chassis of the Paul-Bracq-penned W108/109 sedan with the 300-hp, 6.3-liter from the massive 600 limousine. It was the creation of demented Mercedes engineer Erich Waxenberger — he built one privately and the company decided it was a good idea — and could carry five people and their luggage while cruising at 125 mph. For a few short years, it was the fastest production four-door that money could buy.

    Naturally, Jay Leno has one. Because he is a famous man, Mercedes-Benz agreed to help him install a version of the 518-hp AMG "63" V-8 under the 6.3's hood. (See the symmetry?) The project comes with the blessing of AMG head Volker Morningweg (the man with the moustache) and Mercedes-Benz CEO Ernst Lieb.

    As an aside, we would like to point out that we had this idea three years ago when the 63 engine debuted in the W211 E-class. Mercedes-Benz did not offer us a custom-built motor, but then, we've never hosted the Tonight Show. (Details, details.) Envy, thy name is Engine Swap.

    (A humble, well-meaning plea: Jay, please let me drive it. I grew up in old Benzes, and I left my wedding in my grandmother's original-owner '71 280SE 4.5. The W108/109 is, in a nutshell, everything I love about the three-pointed star. I would do almost anything for the privilege. Thank you.)

    More pictures here: Jay Leno Building Stonkin' AMG-Powered German Hell Sled - Engine Porn - Jalopnik
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  2. bum-man

    bum-man Well-Known Member

    Booo, I would be all for it if it was a junk yard salvage, but it's not.
  3. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Why mess with the M100 engine? I don't understand why anyone would change anything on the 600...
  4. FC123

    FC123 Member

    It's not a 600, it's the 300 SEL 6.3, still a M100 engine though.

    Truth be told, I'd like to see it original, but then again, it's a damn cool idea.
  5. ree

    ree Well-Known Member

    Nice idea, but I would only want the original. If I want a new engine, I would buy a W211 AMG!
  6. coolraoul

    coolraoul Well-Known Member

    Cool idea yes, but what a shame to corrupt an original 300 SEL 6.3...:t-banghea
  7. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Oops, I was mistaken about the model in question (thanks FC123), but my point is still the same:

    Absolutelly no reason to ruin a perfect old Mercedes. The W108 had the M100 engine and that's how it should remain. Not have a transplant.

    And to be honest, the chassis may not be stiff enough to handle all that power, but anyway, it's Jay's money... But if it was my money, or if I were AMG, the car would remain the same...

  8. Sunny

    Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

    I would normally be against it, if it was some aftermarket company doing it. But it is AMG it self doing it, it will only make the car even more valuable down the road.
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  9. modena_360stradale

    modena_360stradale Active Member

    Leno generally doesn't like to ruin original cars or throw away parts. He'll probably keep the engine off to the side and on display like he did with his XK120's engine.

    That being said, Leno's said somewhere that the car has over 300,000 miles on it. Retiring the original engine isn't a problem ;)
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  10. LaArtist

    LaArtist Well-Known Member

    Kind of a gay move by leno..
    But i guess he will do it right..
  11. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    atleast the new engine is more greener ;)
  12. cawimmer430

    cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

    WHY!? :eek2:

    I'm a big fan of keeping things stock. In my opinion you don't mess with a classic car - any classic car. I'm not surprised a performance-freak like Jay Leno will do this, but that MB AMG themselves are helping him!? Goes to show that the customer is still the king.

    A W108 300SEL 6.3 with a new AMG engine just doesn't feel the same. Basically you're giving the car a whole new personality. Sure, it might perform better and be more "greener" but at the end of the day it doesn't feel the way it was meant to feel.

    Give me an original 300SEL 6.3 any day over this upcoming monstrosity. :(
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  13. coolraoul

    coolraoul Well-Known Member

    I'd feel the same as you Chris. But if the M100 has over 300.000 miles (450.000kms!!), theyn I feel it's just right to remove it, stock it safe somewhere, but continue to enjoy the car. And why not with the crazy 6.2 AMG V8?

    I've seen a vid with an e30 featuring the V10 fighting an e60 M5 with the same motor. In straight line it was pretty much about two times faster...

    Imagine what the super-light W108, with modern tyres, can do with 500 high-revving hp... I just hope it won't ubolt the chassis... The add of some reinforcements here and there are surely on the schedule.

    Nice idea given that the original motor was nearing retirement's kms.
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  14. cawimmer430

    cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

    Well, I don't look at it from a performance perspective. A 300SEL 6.3 is still a cruiser despite the massive horsepower and torque from the original M100 motor.

    Owning a 300SEL 6.3 in this day and age (and even back then) was about status and cruising, not really performance. Yes, the 6.3 handled well for a car of its size and weight and it could beat many purebred sports cars in straight-line performance - but at the end of the day this wasn't the point of such car: comfort and cruising were.

    Also, the car would feel different from an original with the M100 engine. If I were to own such a car I would want to experience and feel the loud and rough oldschool character of the M100 V8 and not the modern AMG engine Leno and MB are transplanting into this car.

    I'm just not a fan of these things. Keep it stock. :)
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  15. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    so im assuming the car is obviously going to get a whole makeover including suspension,diff, etc?
  16. klier

    klier Member

    Top Poster Of Month

  17. danclk

    danclk Member

    Jay Leno's conversion plans for a 300 SEL

    Hi everyone, I was doing my usual trawl through Pistonheads for some AMG wheels and came across this. It got me wondering what general opinions where on engine conversions and modifications to classics, is it just plan wrong or are there exceptions?

    PistonHeads Headlines
  18. cawimmer430

    cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

    It's been posted before in the S-Class section. :t-cheers:

    I personally feel it is a mortal sin to this to a classic car like a W108 S-Class, especially a classic and ultra rare 300SEL 6.3. Some people just look at the power the new engine makes and it is a done deal to them. But I don't look at it that way. I look at the whole car and the character it has because of the original engine. Keep it stock and original, that's my motto. ;)
  19. danclk

    danclk Member

    Oops i must of missed that,lol. Yeah im incline to agree with you on that front. But on the other hand im all up for things that improve reliability and safety aslong as they dont effect the cars looks or handling characteristics to much.
  20. modena_360stradale

    modena_360stradale Active Member

    I always have conflicting emotions about modifying cars. So long as the car looks and feels stock, and nothing original is destroyed or altered permanently, then sometimes I won't be against it.

    But I agree, Wimmer. For the most part, keep it stock and original.
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