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Gasoline Direct Injection From Bosch In The New Audi TT.

Discussion in 'TT' started by Yperion, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Yperion

    Yperion Well-Known Member


    Gasoline Direct Injection From Bosch In The New Audi TT

    Bosch is supplying the gasoline direct injection equipment for the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine in the new Audi TT. The combination of direct injection and turbocharging turns the engine into a high-torque, high-revving power pack. The gasoline direct injection improves the torque curves of turbocharged engines over the entire range of engine speeds. Acceleration from a standing start, in particular, is improved, and the maximum torque is available even at low engine speeds. Driving is therefore more enjoyable, power is available at any speed, and the efficiency of the engine is increased.

    When fitted with gasoline direct injection from Bosch, the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine for the Audi TT generates 147 kilowatts, and develops its high maximum torque of 280 newton-meters even at engine speeds as low as 1800 revs per minute. In addition to the Audi TT, variations of the engine are also used in the Audi A3, A4 and A6, as well as in the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

    Even more torque in future, with yet lower consumption

    In general, the interaction of direct injection and turbocharging in turbocharged DI gasoline engines will in the future permit even greater specific torque figures and even more power. Turbocharging and gasoline direct injection are, moreover, the technical basis for the "downsizing designs" that permit further increases in efficiency. In a "downsized" engine, conventional, naturally aspirated engines are replaced by smaller, turbocharged engines that deliver the same power. With direct injection, a one-third reduction engine displacement allows fuel savings of up to 15 percent, yet the same level of power is generated.

    In addition to gasoline direct injection, components supplied by Bosch for the Audi TT include the Motronic engine control units for the six-cylinder engine, engine sensors such as speed sensors, pressure sensors, and lambda sensors, airbag controllers including upfront and pressure sensors for fast, reliable collision detection, as well as starters and alternators. The switching commands for many electrical consumers, such as the wipers and lights, are transmitted through the Bosch vehicle network controller. And the Bosch subsidiary Blaupunkt supplies radios and navigation systems for the Audi TT.

  2. donau

    donau Active Member

    It would be interesting to know precisely how direct injection improves the previous EFI systems. In other words when the old mechanical systems (ex. CIS) were set to Air to fuel ratios that were optimal for the given condition, i.e. cold pressure, warm pressure and boost pressure depending on the amount of boost you had, there was not all that much coverage for the different ranges. The EFI systems fixed this and provided a more linear supply of power, making cars more drivable and safe as well. So, while knowing that Direct injection is an improvement, it would be interesting to know "how linear is made even more linear." But in any case, good to know that Audi and VW are at the cutting edge of this technology.
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