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SPIED! First Spy Shots : 2013 MINI Cooper

Discussion in 'Hatchback/Convertible' started by SCOTT27, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Here is the first Spyshots of the new MINI Cooper . Yes it's a MINI but there are some additional changes , some influenced by the MINI Rocketman Concept and the appearance of more surface design. The new MINI will also share it's new modular matrix with the BMW 1er City Compact.

    Ignore the BMW interior - It is showing the flexibility of the platform , The interior will be a modernised version of the current MINI philosophy with some very unique in-car personalisation functions using interior lighting.

    fcdb9dc51ffbff57465619a3c288276f. 1132c1baef5afe925a72745065474e96. b3c054bb42abbdd282b778eeb05f7d2e. 2333c6e61bc12aa1bb6fc680f3a6766d. 3dde767715d1b7ffc499f651e1ebd01e. c9d5d679cfb15ddfbf15b488f4ed34f2. 63518cc359a65384643352725e41d4c0. 557681395875a053c24a22023bf3ab6c. 8d9091e6f0d9c5e0f868497021d069ff. 75617608f56445d4ffcdb62d2bfacc07.

    Acknowledgement to MotorAuthority.com
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  2. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, ordinary dash and an ill hidden clubbie door on the next Cooper?
  3. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The MINI evolution cycle also is evident in the interior too. It is not finished yet , But it is more raked back for a sportier image rathe than the upright dash in today's MINI. Because the dash is still being designed it is using the BMW UKL dashboard .

    Clubbie door is fake.
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  4. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    That makes sense. Thanks! The Clubbie door seemed a bit obvious. For some reason, I think there's something fishy about the front indicators, sitting on top of the headlights.

    However, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "raked back".
  5. SKY

    SKY Well-Known Member

    I guess we can all expect some character lines on the side profile, as the current one doesn´t have a single line. A more aggressive front end and please, a different interior. A part from the central speedo, the MINI interior doesn´t look too god in my eyes.
  6. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The front lights instead of being placed on the corners are going to pushed further into the body - a bit like a Porsche since you all know by now the 911 and MINI have a similar evolution cycle. The headlights will receive a similar idea previewed on the MINI Rocketman and a descendant from BMW with the outer-ring of the headlights being a source of illumination coupled with main LED options.

    There is more surface design on the new MINI as it helps break up the mass of the car. The interior is more sporty and will be much higher quality then before. But it remains a MINI interior.
  7. klier

    klier Member

    BMW and Mini sharing platforms is all kinds of wrong imo. Cost effective maybe, but maybe not in the long run and image wise.

    The actual car looks good from what I can see. Very big though, but I guess that's ok with the Rocketman incoming...
  8. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    So is this a facelift of the current generation R56 or is this supposed to be an entirely new generation Mini?
  9. SKY

    SKY Well-Known Member

    Since there will be a Rocketman in the market in a few years, I´d never consider the normal MINI. The proportions of the Rocketman are faaaar superior.

    I just love that tiny beauty. Would love my hypothetic girlfriend to have one.
  10. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    The FL of the R56 is out now, this will be a whole new car.
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  11. K-A

    K-A Banned

    They better not mess this up! It's not something I'd drive, but I've come to appreciate the Mini in recent months. BMW did a good job with the current one; maintaining the staunch legendary original, and modernizing it. I hope they don't add any goofy lines or detailing, and keep it simple and extremely evolutionary, very carefully.... Think Audi-esque, but more-so. The only "little car" I'd ever consider driving would be a Mini. And it is indeed the perfect (attractive) girls car.
  12. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    So, we will see if BMW has learnt from Porsche's 996 experience when it comes to change of iconic elements.
  13. Top Secret

    Top Secret Well-Known Member

    Stop. Getting. Bigger.
  14. Human

    Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

    I hope so, this has to be a fine balance of modern elements and a well thought through evolution of the current car. Certainly looks the part judging the spy photo's.

    IMO the Rocketman will become the 'fashion accessory' and also the Real MINI going forward. Just that this does not give BMW the Carte Blanche on ruining the Cooper and Clubman.;)
  15. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, but the lights (front lights, that is, the rears look like a joke :D) on the Rocketman are fine in terms of physical size and placement. The graphics are futuristic and as long as the shape and placement are not messed with too much, the next Cooper will be just fine.
  16. K-A

    K-A Banned

    And this. Please remember the cars roots and success in the first place: "MINI"!!!!
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  17. Huckfeldt

    Huckfeldt Banned

    When is this launching ? Mid 2012, end 2012 or 2013 ?
  18. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    There was a MINI Cooper S (F56) Prototype @ Garching today , here for a quick runabout by the M chassis engineers as it so happens. It was also a chance to get a closer look at the car to what is being hidden underneath it's camouflage and there is a lot being hidden.

    For example the roof of the car is fake and is using the roof from the current car. The clue is and I can see it on the photographs of the scooped prototype is the A-Pillar you can see the space in between the roof and pillar. The roof also carries on the new MINI motiff such as on the Coupe and Countryman with the step just at the C-pillar. The exposed metal and glass is disguised by the camouflage. The C-Pillar hides something else that it wraps around the rear of the car more snuggly with a larger hatch opening. The outlines on the bootlid are false.
    At the front of the car the hood covering is actually a moulded piece of vacumned plastic which covers up the more raked back front end , The bumper is also fake covering up the lower part of the MINI signature grille. which becomes larger for a more signature identity.

    For the first time in a MINI and to give the impression of it being "all grown up" there is now creases on the body.
    Although the rendering is not exact to the forthcoming car. It shows some ideas that are evident on the scoop photographs.

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  19. south

    south Well-Known Member

    Which begs the question, what were you doing in Garching today? :D

    Best regards,
  20. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    We ran out of Paprika Shells and I was returning somebodies Twilight Blu-ray. :D
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