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equidistant - The BMW 2er Coupe and Cabrio

Discussion in 'SCOTT27's Info Channel' started by SCOTT27, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    equidistant : The BMW 2er Coupe and Cabrio.

    With the forthcoming seperation of the BMW Compact segment family to accomodate each equal family such as the UKL/Next generation 1er , the current 1er and the all new 2er family - All distant in looks and purpose.

    Still maintaining the ability of a RWD drivetrain and the benefits of an entry sports coupe.
    The renaming of the current 1er Coupe and Cabrio allows BMW to expand on the model line by resorting back to the traditions of classic entry BMW's - Compact , focused and no limits when it comes to involving driver communication and dynamic handling.
    For the idea of this expanding family we have to go back to the 2002 and the E30 3er.
    Cars that helped define the segment.

    To make you understand how the BMW 2er appearance differs from the BMW 1er I have done this quick rendering in Paint for quickness over an existing

    1er Coupe illustration.


    As you can see the arrow-like headlights remain but they are more edgier and sportier at the bonnet line and wrap around the wing like a 6er. The arrow shape of the light unit is highly prominent but connects diagonally into a wider three-dimensional kidney grille as per modern BMW design.

    The lower intakes reflect the opposite direction of the headlights by being more angular. The sculpture lines on the bumper highly prominent the front of the car and help protrude the front of the car for class-leading front impact and pedestrian safety.

    The "eye-bags" under the headlights connect with the lower intakes and flow downwards similar to the 6er forming the air curtains at the side of the intakes.

    And depending what model-line there will be the option of decorative trim surrounding circular fog lights.

    The overall appearance shows a kin-ship with the F20 1er but interprets its DNA in a more sportier format which brings the car into line with the other BMW Coupe's such as the 6er and forthcoming 4er Coupe.

    It can be said that there is a similar comparison to the larger 6er Coupe especially in its profile which some say resemble a shrunken 6er but to entry coupe proportions. Continuing with the big car feel some 2er's seen at the studios of Munich include LED headlights and larger 19"wheels .

    Engine options will be varied from petrol and diesel four and six cylinder right up to the storming M235i adding the focused chassis of the M135i with 2er Specific changes to the chassis and suspension before climaxing in a lighter M2 variant. A car that will aim to repeat the same successful formula as the 1er M Coupe by being the "entry" ladder to the M Division but with a reduction in weight and not as limited this time around.

    The cabrio variant retains a folding soft-top for significant weight reduction and clean lines with a completely flat rear deck enhancing the sportier appearance with superior levels of beauty.

    The sportier look to the 2er shows why BMW are expanding the 2er line to include a Gran Coupe four door model in order to enter a growing competitive segment by combining a sport sedan with greater individuality and class-leading dynamics.

    The new BMW 2er Coupe and Cabrio will be introduced in 2013.
  2. bilen

    bilen Member

    The rendering shows (IMO) a real improvement over the f20. I can nor come toterms with the front of the car, M-package or not.
    Really looking forward to the M235.
    Any discussion ofoffering m-performance chassin with the new 3-cyl? I would love the charismatc engine in a really fun chassi despite it beong lower on power compared to N20.

    Any news/hints on the rumored z3 (coupe and roadster), has the economic climate killed/paused the project?
  3. SKY

    SKY Well-Known Member

    BTW. What´s the point of a I6 M235i and then the I4 M2?
  4. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    I'm quite sure that the 2 Series front will look good, or at least better than the 1 Series.

    I wouldn't bet on it coming any time soon. Z4 is soon getting a facelift, and BMW will focus on X4 before any sportscar comes out.

    325i E30 also had I6 whereas M3 E30 had I4. What I6 would BMW give the M2? A pimped N55? Or a detuned S55? We would practically have a car a faster car than the M3/M4 once tuned, and just as Porsche with the 981, so BMW with the M2, will not want it to be faster than its bigger legendary brother.
    Think that an I4 will be lighter and shorter than an I6. That would fit an M2. Look at the number BMW's I3 is making, what then about an M modified I4?
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
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  5. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The strategy for the next generation of Roadsters bring the Z3 back. Equipping the latest mid-entry Roadster with a soft-top with the Z4 moving up a scale to become the Z5.
    The Z5 will retain a folding hardtop. and basically what was the Z2 becomes the Z3.
    As to take advantage of the UKL architecture the next MINI Coupe/Roadster will be more of an individual sports car concept than the current MINI based models. BMW will also take advantage with an entry Z1 powered by the new three-cylinder engine.

    The Roadster design language is derived from the well-received BMW ConnectedDrive concept car which was not meant to focus completely on design rather the technology. But the more angular and modern layered surface work will distinguish the Roadsters from their more organic and rounder lookiing competitors.
    Then you will have BMW engineers working on changing the complete character of the Z4 replacement which an earlier preview is imminent on the upcoming BMW Z4 by M Performance.

    This render shows you in more ways than one how the design language will feature within production models.
  6. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

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  7. klier

    klier Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    The biggest one would be weight reduction. Less weight in the front, better corner-taking, better balance
  8. Huckfeldt

    Huckfeldt Banned

  9. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    So then why not have an I4 in the M235i as well?
  10. martinbo

    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Where is it confirmed that the M2 would be a four cylinder?
  11. manuelf

    manuelf Active Member

    Nothing has been confirmed ... just Scott was mentioning it several times, that ///M is currently thinking in this direction ...
  12. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    Because 320 PS from a 3.0l I6 is cheaper than 300 PS from a 2.0l I4 (not saying the N55 is cheap or the 2.0 TFSI is expensive).
  13. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    M and BMW are thinking logically regarding the successor of the 1er M Coupe and have developed and evaluated reworked performance engines based on the four-cylinder N20. The BMW i8 uses a high performance variant of the new three cylinder engine - specific to the BMW i8 which is allowing the i8 to outgun the current E92 M3 Coupe in internal tests.

    M are taking an interest on the possibilities of a three cylinder although I doubt that will be for the M2.

    As it stands at the current time the M2 remains as a Coupe for now with actual potential for a cabrio making production this time, but no decision has been taken on the Gran Coupe 2er definitely expect an M Performance model but it is too early to determine whether an M2 Gran Coupe will come.
  14. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    This doesn't make any sense.

    If the M2 were to get an I4, then the M235i could have a detuned version of that, so "expense" doesn't come into it. If anything it would make it cheaper to spread the I4 across more models.
  15. manuelf

    manuelf Active Member

    My perception on the I4 vs I6 discussion regarding M2 and M235i is:

    M235i is "just" a performance model. So no M specific engine for this model (of course a matter of costs).
    ... and it's just a variant/sibbling of the M135i - therefore the N55 is most likely.

    since - according to Scott (and this sounds reasonable to me) the M people now have a normal project schedule for the M2 they now can develop e "true" M engine for the M2. True in this case means, at least that different from an AG engine as the S63 and the upcoming M3 engine from their "normal" counterparts, from which they reuse the block and some other stuff.

    So - in case M2 is a true ///M in this respect, it could either use a detuned M3 (F80) engine or an M specific I4 (N20 based).
    For a nimble F22 based M2 I find a small/short/light I4 with some latest M engineering FI technology and 320hp+ quite attractive :)
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  16. klier

    klier Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    Plus, M2 I4, M3 I6 and M5/6 V8 sounds pretty logical too....too logical perhaps...

    So people can complain for years that the M2 is 'no real M engine'? Or have you gotten used to that idea already?
  17. hector

    hector Member

    the next-gen 6cyl. engines are supposed to debut in the f32, which does precede the 2er by a few months, so i wonder if the 2er will receive the next-gen engines or soldier on with the n55?
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2012

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