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BMW "X4" gets AXED

Discussion in 'X4 SAC' started by Huckfeldt, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Huckfeldt

    Huckfeldt Banned

    Audi Q4 guns for Evoque - Autocar.co.uk

    Audi had expected the Q4 to face competition from the BMW X4 by the end of 2014, but it now appears that car won’t be launched off the existing X3 platform. Instead, BMW officials say plans for the X4 are on hold pending a new platform strategy that, they say, will centre on greater commonality between the X3 and X5.
  2. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The X4 was never coming out in 2012. It was always earmarked for 2014.

    It is true X4 now moves to a shorter modular platform of the next X5/X6 this was done because the F20/F30 offered packaging issues for the sportier X4 .

    They intend the architecture to form the next X-series family. From what I have heard is that in the next generation of X5 and X6 there are more changes to distinguish the cars from each other especially at the front and rear . I have not seen the X6 but I have seen the X5 and given the conservative approach by Mercedes-Benz's new M-Klasse - X5 goes for a more sportier appearance. BMW have also been successful in a significant weight reduction for the next X5 and X6.

    With the X4 the designers chose to further distinguish the car from the X3. Although there is a relationship in the design elements. The front and rear are less X3 and more dynamic looking.

    X4 has a huge potential especially in markets like North America. The X4 is also part- driven by investigation that has shown that in markets across the world that those who cannot afford a new X6 intend to go for the pre-owned route. Given the X4 falls into the Premium Entry segment and the signifgance of this segment in this decade. It is hoped that X4 can attract both types of customers. Those who want a smaller X6 and those who cannot stretch to the actual X6.

    There have been reports in the media in regards to the X6 is certain markets.
    So I will repeat again. Just because it is not successful in one market means the same for other marketss.

    The X6 might not be as popular in it's initial projected markets.

    But the X6 is very much a best selling import to Asia , Russia , South America and the Middle East. BMW are fast approaching the 160,000 unit of the X6 which is signifcant because by the two year establishment period from launch. BMW had expected only 40,000 units in that period. X6 has sold over three times that projection.

    Whilst that is good news for BMW it is also testament to the associates at BMW Spartanburg where the car is manufactured. It also means the successor will continue to be built there.

    As for the Sport Activity Coupe itself? You are about to see the reaction. Mercedes-Benz have a GLS Concept coming soon which is their concept for an Premium Segment Sport Activity Coupe based on the new ML-Klasse. And Audi are currently developing their Q4 and Q6 which again are X6 competitors.

    And it is all because the World largest luxury car market - China where the X6 is highly profitable in it's largest market.
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  3. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

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