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SPIED! BMW F34 3er GT: Spy Pics - Renders - Info

Discussion in '3 Series' started by south, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Here's the answer ...

    2011 total global sales figures of BMW 5-series:

    5er sedan: 248,835 /+38.5% increase over 2010 (2011 share in total 5er sales: 74.84%)
    5er touring: 61,215 /+89.6% increase over 2010 (2011 share in total 5er sales: 18.41%)
    5er GT: 22,451 /-15.2% decrease over 2012 (2011 share in total 5er sales: 6.75%)
    Total: 332,501 /+39.4% increase over 2011

    In comparison 2010 5er sales (share in total 5er sales) :
    Sedan: 179,680 (75.35%)
    Touring: 32,288 (13.54%)
    GT: 26,486 (11.10%)
    Total: 238,454

    Conclusion: introduction of F11 5er Touring seems to have negative effect the 5er GT sales. The share of sedan sales stayed nearly the same, while touring share increased from 13.5% to 18.4%, while GT share dropped from 11.1% to 6.75%.

    Interesting: In 2011 BMW sold more 5er sedans than it did all the 5er models combined in 2010. The 2011 5er sales are HUGE. Even the sedan+touring sales exceeded the 300k mark, which is an all-time record!
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  2. K-A

    K-A Banned

    Of course the F11 outsells the 5 GT, it's so so much nicer.
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  3. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    Eni, thank you so much for that data. It is in fact very interesting. One can conclude, as I had assumed, that the touring is having a negative effect on the 5er GT. This is precisely why I wonder how the 3er GT will sell. If the 5er touring has had this effect on the GT version, why wouldn't the 3er touring have the same effect on the 3er GT.
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  4. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    There will be difference ... F34 3er GT will be launched after 3er F30 sedan & F31 touring launch, while 5er GT was launched ahead of 5er F10 sedan & F11 touring introduction. So perhaps 3er GT sales will be more steady. Still, IMO the car will be much more popular than 5er GT - it's sleeker, more dynamic, not as expensive, coming with attractive diesel engines - which is exactly what EU markets want (mind 5er GT comes just with 6-cyl diesel engines. The 4-cyl diesels are not available on 5er GT, yet they are on 5er sedan & touring, and are the best selling variants).

    What kills 5er GT sales in Europe (it's main market) is the unavailability of entry models. starting price is too high. 520d GT would make quite a difference. But I guess BMW is saving 20d for 3er GT, while keeping 5er GT in more luxury waters, with now low-engined entry level variants. Keeping 5er GT as a bridge between 5er & 7er ... since 6er is already on the 7er price levels. I guess 525d GT is coming with the facelift though (will there be 725d too????). But I doubt they will go any lower. 525d GT will also attract more fleet buyers (like taxi drivers etc), I assume.
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  5. DblPen

    DblPen Active Member

    The most important thing that kills GT sales is its lack of purpose. I dont think there will be any diffirence with 3er GT, i mean why would you buy it over touring?
  6. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    What's the purpose of X6? Does it look nice? And the car sells like hot cakes. While eg. Z4 - which has its purpose & it looks good - sales are rather lukewarm. Eg. compared to even 5er GT, and even more to X6. and X1 ... a sales hit ... and we can also discuss about its purpose & looks.
  7. Beemer B773ER

    Beemer B773ER Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, the F11 is even nicer than the F10 sedan. Even though I'm not a wagon/estate/touring guy, if I was in the market, I'd probably opt for the Touring over the Sedan. ...and no, it wouldn't need the M-Package. :cool:

    I think Eni made a key point there regarding the exclusion of entry-level diesel engines for the 5GT, especially how this is handicapping sales in Europe.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The 5GT isn't supposed to be a genuine replacement of the 5 Touring (if you're a US buyer and you wanted a 5Touring, say hello to your new X5). The 5GT is a very niche model. We view the new 6GC as a niche model since it is a specialized variant of the already low-volume 6 series, but the 5GT IMO is even more of a niche.

    I guess it just depends on what side of the fence you're on. Many argue "what's the point?" ....while I would argue "what's the harm?".

    For US consumers again, the 5GT didn't kill the 5 Touring, America's love for SUV's meant the X5 cannibalized 5 Touring sales.

    Eni, if 22,451 is GLOBAL sales, and the 5GT is better received in Europe and Asia....then what the hell kind of ugly sales number does it have in the US market ?? :confused:
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  8. Beemer B773ER

    Beemer B773ER Well-Known Member

  9. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    About 10% of all global sales ... in 2011. So, between 2,000 and 2,500 units. Very shy, really very shy result indeed.
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  10. DblPen

    DblPen Active Member

    Well, because X6 looks 10 times better than GT and is damn imposing. And its all about looking menacing in X6, i mean Big coupish SUV, and especially in black, it looks bad ass. So people who wants this kind of image buy X6, not for its purpose, cause it has none, but for image. You cant buy GT neither for its purpose nor its image (cause it doesnt have either).
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  11. K-A

    K-A Banned

    Does it? In Europe it must, because in the U.S sales seem very low.

    I was just in Europe and saw some F11's, and indeed, they are great looking Wagons. I hate Wagons, but the F11, and S212 (the only Wagon that has actually made me drool in my life I think) are two masterpiece Wagons.
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  12. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Yes, US sales were @ 6,200 units in 2011, while total global X6 sales in 2011 was 40,800 units.
    So 15% of all X6s were sold in US, while 85% of them were sold in non-US markets.

    US market share alone represents 18% of all sales in total BMW (all BMW brand models) 2011 sales.
    Or 23.4% - when sales figures of models unavailable in US market are excluded from total sales figure (1er 5dr, 1er 3dr, 5er touring, X1).

    X6 is selling extremely well for a niche vehicle.
    Actually it's best selling BMW niche model.
    Eg 2011 global sales figures for niche models:

    1er coupe: 24,400
    1er cabrio: 19,800
    3er coupe: 39,300
    3er cabrio: 32,800
    (3er coupe & cabrio recorded higher-than-X6-annual-sales figures in previous years though)
    5er GT: 22,500
    6er coupe: 3,000
    6er cabrio: 9,400
    Z4 roadster: 18,800
    X6 SAV: 40,800

    And here are the sales figures for X6 since introduction:
    26,580 (2008; sales started in June 2008),
    41,700 (2009; +157%),
    46,400 (2010; +11%),
    40,800 (2011; -12%),
    11,050 (Q1 2012; + 14%; X6 LCI models available from April 2012).

    Despite below-average sales performance in US market the X6 is selling extremely well in non-US markets, and it's one of the best selling niche models in BMW's portfolio. It's a hit therefore the rivals like MB, Audi & Porsche are about to launch their respected models in this SAC price segment.

    X6 exceeded initial BMW plans - it's been selling better than expected; yet much better in non-US markets & much worse in US market than predicted and planned.

    At least in Europe & Asia X6 is THE BMW model to make a statement (of being a loaded & ruthless prick, lol). Something 5er, and especially M5 was in the past (the ultimate mafia car) ... especially the E34. X6 seems to be the ultimate bully car (replacing Hummer). Not in US though, where this award still goes to Cadillac Escalade, I guess. ;)
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  13. K-A

    K-A Banned

    Yeah I notice in the U.S, the vast majority of people who really seem to love the X6 are European. And to be honest, the buying demographic is stereotypically EXTREMELY douchey, like of "Jersey Shore" kin. Perhaps that's partially attributed to its sales depression in the U.S.
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  14. Beemer B773ER

    Beemer B773ER Well-Known Member

    Holey cow! ... on average that's only about 1 car sold every 4 hours. :D

    In all seriousness though, in your opinion Eni, why do you think the 5GT isn't doing so well in the US market?

    They might as well pull the model once the 6GC arrives.

    Absolutely agree. This here would be exactly what I want:

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  15. DblPen

    DblPen Active Member

    Yep, and dont forget X5!
    Kind of funny how almost all of X6 that i encountered in my country was so overaggresive, but when i push accelerator down (on highway) they cant really keep up, so probably most of them are 30d models.
  16. Bricks

    Bricks Member

    Is this the rear end of the F34 3GT? It's definitely not the tail lights and rear bumper of the 5GT.

    weil_with_van_hooydonk. 2010-BMW-5-Series-Gran-Turismo-Side-View.
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  17. Beemer B773ER

    Beemer B773ER Well-Known Member

    Great catch! ... could just have been an alternative 5GT proposal.
  18. shonguiz

    shonguiz Well-Known Member

    No i think it was the initial headlights of the current 5er Gt, weil is standing with AVH and so it can't be another proposal.
  19. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    It's the initial F07 5er GT full-sized clay model ... The design was a bit altered for production due to several reasons (roof was raised for more headroom ... since there was no enough space for airbag storage; consequently due to altered aerodynamics the tail had to be raised - so to make the tail visually less massive, they enlarged the rear light clusters etc; due to a certain solution of twin tail gates the pop-up wing wasn't implementable at that time ... it was just too late).

    P0051111s. P0051112s. P0051117s.

    But the initial 5er GT tail design showcases a great example how the 3er GT tail will look like. Lower, more dynamic, sportier, thinner rear lights, more coupeish roof line & C-pillar etc. They kept the tail lower & C-pillar more coupeish - and the aerodynamic issue was solved by pop-up wing.

    I guess the same solution will be now used for Mk2 5er GT: more coupeish roofline, lower & sleeker tail with pop-up wing etc. ... making the car to look much more fastbackuesqe than the current F07 5er GT. Meaning they'll have to make the car an inch or two longer to achieve that. We shall see ...
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  20. bmwownage

    bmwownage Well-Known Member

    Being a passenger of the 5GT is better than the 7... probably true, but sounds like the original A-class, which they sold as having more legroom than the S.

    But heck the 5GT is so damn expensive.
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