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HOT! BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept

Discussion in '4 Series' started by Carmaker1, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Carmaker1

    Carmaker1 Member

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2012
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  2. picsoubmw

    picsoubmw Well-Known Member

    I like the exterior but I would have wish a new interior design, this one looks so cheap...
  3. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Now that's a really, really ugly front-end. :yuck: The interior on the other hand looks great.
  4. Monster

    Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

    The side profile looks absolutely spot on, classic front engine 4 seat coupe proportion. I am not sure about the front end though, it looks too similar to the sedan.
  5. IanDriver

    IanDriver Banned

    He will like the interior ;)

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  6. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Finally an interior that compliment the "Find My Friends app". CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!


    Kidding aside the car has fulfilled my expections. It's a derivative of the 6-Series and not the 3-Series. The appearance is exceptionally aspirational which is brilliantly as Audi's decision to name their small coupe the A5 and not A4 coupe. A small nitpick is the 3/4 view which evokes 3er/5er GT vibes in me. Other than that, a stellar car that matches up to the glorious design of the A5.
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  7. Zafiro

    Zafiro Well-Known Member

    Sleek profile but the car will be toned down. Afterall its just a concept.
  8. hoffmeister_fan

    hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

    Overall, exterior is a winner. I was hoping for a bit more differentiation between this and the 3er, but I guess that will not be the case.
  9. JLBM

    JLBM Active Member

    Extremely disappointed with the interior. It's bog-standard 3 Series. Which is not their best effort - the C-Class facelift has a better crafted interior than this..
    Exterior - a beaut.
  10. Shakal

    Shakal Active Member

    There are some more photos:


    When I saw first photos of E92 I was dissapointed, but later I ordered one with M package and I still like it a lot. I like F32 on those photos much more than I liked E92 when I saw it first, so this is a good thing :) This will most probably be replacement for my E92. (new Cayman looks very good too, so decision will be hard)

    Still I expected bigger difference between F30 and F32, since its called 4 series. I have to see it in person, but looking at photos, IMO difference between E90 and E92 front end is bigger than between F30 and F32. Also concept car doesn't have iDrive touch, I would be dissapointed if 4 series won't have it on launch. Similar like my F10 which I ordered first year and next year it recieved improved dashboard. That was dissapointing IMO.

    Anyway, new 4 series looks stunning on this photo (from a previous link):

    [Broken External Image]:http://img.autohome.com.cn/upload/2012/12/5/u_20121205162658117264.jpg
  11. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    What a rustic interior color theme! A coincidence? lol ;-)
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  12. Tumbo

    Tumbo Audi/MB/VW/Lambo fan

    Wow! What a big day for the German car fans! First the RS6, and now this!

    I have to say I absolutely love it! The design is really sexy. They made the boring looking rear of the current 3, to a sleeker and sexier one. I love it! I love the front, the side, the rear. But OMG I think that brown interior colour is absolutely horrible!
  13. DjordjeC63

    DjordjeC63 Active Member

    Great, I like it a lot!
  14. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Now imagine 4er Gran Coupe. :)
  15. Foxfire

    Foxfire Active Member

    Thankfully the headlights look better than that PS from a few days ago... better than those on the 3 series... but it's still the weakest part of the design, because the rest of the exterior, except for the concept like exaggerations, is close to perfect. A bespoke interior would've made an irresistible package. Now, if I'm fortunate enough to be in the market for a new car next year, I too, like Shakal, will probably be choosing between this and the new Cayman :)
  16. aleks_16

    aleks_16 Active Member

    Exterior is Excellent. Interior hmmmm..... i´m dissapointed but with the Performance parts it will look hot u guess
  17. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    That is soooo hot! I can't wait to see the convertible. WOW.

  18. Foxfire

    Foxfire Active Member

    Do you think the roofline of the convertible will be as sleek as this? The current one looks a bit bloated from where the B pillar would be on the coupe.
  19. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Active Member

    Best BD present I got today :D
    I like it and can't wait to see it with the M-Pack and without the ugly LEDs :)
  20. Zafiro

    Zafiro Well-Known Member

    Looks great in red!

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