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Autocar Road Test: BMW 116i Sport

Discussion in 'Test Data' started by Soup, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Soup

    Soup Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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  2. hoffmeister_fan

    hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that it has the first three attributes, but it shouldn't be dull.
  3. fortuner

    fortuner Active Member

    4th in this test is bad plus that ugly looks this is poor effort for a company as good as BMW.
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  4. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    Why didn't they use the 118i (167hp) instead of 116 (with 134hp) in this test? :confused:

    Oh, yes ... they are grouping rivals by price. Yes, this "really works" when comparing non-premium to premium brands / cars.
    Or new premium Mks to old premium rival Mks (eg. A3).
  5. Mr Robert

    Mr Robert Global Moderator Staff Member

    I guess the price would make it irrelevant to this test. But, yeah, it should have been the 118i.
  6. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    Just comparing the 1 Series with the Focus. They are pretty much the same in every way. Performance (within 0.1 secs 0-100km/h), price (within 55 GBP). Yet the Focus is preferred over the 1 Series.

    Not sure where the unfair comparison is here.
  7. K-A

    K-A Banned

    Pretty shocking, after reading this, and Car & Drivers Review on the new 6-Series, how BMW has now become the "Dull driving experience" to Mags. BMW used to get paraded by them in hoards! I haven't read a Review on BMW in a long time where Reviewers praised the sporty dynamics aspect of the driving experience, whereas just several years ago, it was the opposite.

    Not that I care, I bought cars that weren't BMW's before because of the lack of comfort that BMW offered, but you have to think that at a certain point, if BMW can't out-comfort M-B or Lexus, this will start seeing tangible impacts to their success and formula, as the enthusiasts who were into the brand for its initial core attributes, will abandon them more and more.
  8. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    It's not exactly wrong to compare by price, as most potential buyers tend to think with their wallet. As in

    "What can I buy with up to 22000€"

    Instead of

    "What can I buy with 167 horsepower"

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  9. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    Completely agree. Certainly at this price level. When you get into the supercar territory, it's more down to what your heart wants, and when comparing a Ferrari 599 with a Lamborghini Aventador, I don't think price comes into it at all.
  10. q5s

    q5s New Member

    Adding more power? As if the already massive ammounts of understeer weren't enough.
    I don't see anything premium about the 1 series expect for the high price. Hit with the ugly stick, sub-performing engines, overweight, no space in the back, a rear that doesn't come into play and understeer coupled with more understeer.
    The first 1-series wasn't any different but it still sold in large amounts as will this one. Those with half a brain will opt for the superior golf but for the rest bmw badge + rwd will seal the deal.
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  11. FC123

    FC123 Member

    Call me irrational, but I quite like the Alfa in this segment.
  12. Kowalski

    Kowalski Well-Known Member

    Despite the age, I still like the A3.
  13. braaf

    braaf Member

    I think what Eni is trying to say is that the 1er is a base model where as the rest of them are are middle of the range to top end. But this argument just shows how crap expensive the 1er is.
  14. braaf

    braaf Member

    They need to ditch runflats as soon as possible and get back to doing what they did before this runflat nonsense.
  15. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    Maybe you're right, in which case BMW have to live with their pricing structure. The simple fact is, on size, performance, price; these cars compete. The fact that the 1 Series seems to offer little value is BMW's decision alone, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be compared, which is what ENI is saying.
  16. chonkoa

    chonkoa Well-Known Member

    Here we go again
  17. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    OK, you win ... the new 1er sucks. :D

    And 116i is bought for performance. Sure.
    It's obvious entry BMW model (116i) is bought for its price (lowest in BMW portfolio).
    And yes - 1er price is VERY steep when well-packed. While base version prices are comparable to E87 - especially due more standard equipment in F20.

    E87 was also quite more expensive than the non-premium rivals. With iffy interior quality in pre-FL models. This time a customer at least gets a decent interior.

    Here we go again what?
  18. braaf

    braaf Member

    Precisely. IMO the 1er is the only BMW sold because it has the BMW badge on it.:D

    Let's not kid ourselves. BMW have been off the boil technically lately, or the competition have caught up. One could argue that BMW have been pumping resources into the i brand hence the lapse in concentration. I sincerely hope that with all this i branding that we will soon see it filter down to the rest of the line up. if this is so, then it's game on again.
  19. EnI

    EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

    More or less - especially since around 80% of 1er customers think they've bought a FWD car. That makes you think 80% of customers buy such a car for daily intracity commuting, and not realy for performance or agile driving experience. Especially since 90% of customer drive the car well beyond the limits. I guess such people are satisfied with image alone - that BMW 1er has sporty compatibilities, although the vast majority never push the car to the limits. That's what BMW customer pool has become. So, don't be surprised newest BMWs are more comfy, and less raw. I just hope BMW brand don't become a victim of its own customer pool. But unfortunately customer is the king. Either BMW will have to address customer's demands & needs, or the sales will drop. And if the customers demand more comfy & all-round cars ... I guess BMW don't have a choice. They are now beyond the point of no return. The bigger the get, the more they are dependent on sales (revenues) ... It's a vicious circle.

    Regarding the i sub brand - the idea is to trickle down the current i hi-tech, while introducing the new cutting edge tech to the i. So, i is planned to be BMW's tour-de-tech brand. Yet I guess costs are the limit, and will dictated the speed of trickling down.
  20. chonkoa

    chonkoa Well-Known Member

    Here we go again to the excuses anytime BMW loses.
    You do realise that both VW and Alfa are 1.4 engines whilst the Ford and BMW are 1.16litres, it is only the Audi that is a 1.18litre engine.
    So your point of not using a higher displacement is moot because it frankly won't have made any difference.

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