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Audi TT-RS vs Porsche Cayman S PDK

Discussion in 'Internal Combustion' started by DeDe, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Let me edit my previous post for you:
    "The TT RS is faster ON A DRY TRACK (Ring) because of its better traction in-and-out of the corners and its more power."

    According to Sport Auto, the TT RS' understeer turns bad on wet tracks, that's why its much slower than the Porsche or the TTS. But they mentioned, the car is very fast on dry tracks (8.09 min).
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  2. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    you wont be telling its slow in the wet when you see how it smocked every thing but a 2010 911 turbo in a snow track.

    anyways on dry track porsche cayman s pdk is faster that HvS slow time was on a damp track that's based on evidences and don't be surprised that HvS is slower than any manufacture claim when he test a car not only "optimistic claim of Porsche." so its hvs problem not porsche

    so if audi believe the tt-rs is faster than 8:09 all it have to do is hand it over to one of the drivers just lick Porsche. the tt-rs wont get anything near 8:06 the cayman s has done
  3. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    I did not say it's slow, I said it's slower. And please do not compare driving on wet and driving on ice/snow, because every driver in here knows they are basicly different. The grip and traction is not comparable on those two conditions.:t-drive:
  4. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    i do believe its slow not just slower.yes they are not the same but a car that is faster on a wet track should be faster on snow. or according to you what would stop it??
    if a car has better grip on wet surface it should have better grip on snow surface.
  5. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    In same case. For example the TT RS can do cornering easily with it's AWD on snow (because of the very low grip), understeer is not so dominant as it is on the wet.
  6. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    the cayman s can have the Oversteer problem in the wet so again where is the awd system of the audi understeer shouldn't be as worse in the wet

    just for exemple a carrera 4s is faster on the wet/snow than carrera s because of the awd. but again the tt-rs is not faster than a cayman s that tells you something.
  7. Pekka

    Pekka Active Member

    Just read the test in the current sport auto issue. I'm really impressed - AMG get's better and better :usa7uh:


    Marketing victims :D

    08:11 is the time, Porsche published shortly before the introduction of the Cayman. It was never officially confirmed but a lot of web resources refer to sport auto issue 07/05. Funny. As said before - a TT RS will kick my Cayman S' ass @ NOS.
  8. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    head to head (same conditions same day no excuses) comparison where the cayman s PDK is faster than the tt-rs in tracks/straitline

    cayman s pdk---- tt-rs

    Rockingham 1:37.07 1:37.79
    New Performance Car of the Year 2009 issue of CAR Car Magazine

    Kinnekulle raceway 1.04,6 1.05,4

    i have more but what do you have you'd better check your sources..
  9. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    In the latest issue of AutoBild Sportscars: Audi TT RS vs. BMW 335i Performance, Ford Focus RS and Porsche Cayman S with manual gearbox.

    @ same test, same conditions :)D)

    Acceleration? TT RS 0-100 km/h in 4,5 s, 0-200 km/h in 16,4 s, Cayman S manual 0-100 km/h in 5,0 s, 0-200 km/h in 17,7 s.
    Flexibility? No chance for the NA-Porsche against the turbo-TT.
    Top speed? TT RS 280 km/h (limited), Cayman S 277 km/h.

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  10. Pekka

    Pekka Active Member

    Hey Hilalpro,

    thx for your effort collecting all the information but you strayed off the intended. Again - I was saying: "On the straight line and @ NOS (where you need power), the TT RS is proved as faster than the 987 C DFI PDK. "

    #1: The benchmark we were talking about was NOS - not Kinnekulle or other tracks.

    #2: 0-200 17,3 (987) vs. 15,9 (TT RS) > according to you source

    #3: Confirmed and comparable NOS laptimes are 08:17 (sport auto 09/12) vs. 08:09 (sport auto 10/02) ... for comparison, the (FL) Boxster S' laptime was 08:18 (sport auto 12/09)

    #4: 08:06 for the Cayman S is (according to your post about the 458: "just") a factory claim without any transparent source. Same for the 08:11 of the pre-FL Cayman S. These times were never officially verified.

    #5: "who give a damn about sport auto slower time they can't drive seriously as much or as good the same car as a factory driver." Do you know what you're talking about? It's about the faster car @ NOS - not about the better factory driver. Again, WR's 08:06 was never confirmed while sport auto's 08:17 / 08:09 is.

    #6: "Give me one head to head comparison where the tt-rs is faster than a caymans PDK..in tracks" D'accord! This is how it should be, bro! A transparent comparison. Now give us a head-to-head comparison where the Cay S is faster than the TT RS @ NOS or give WR a TT RS for a quick spin at the Nordschleife. :cool:

    Don't get me wrong - as a Cayman S driver I want to see my Schatzi being the Uberauto. But I have to accept that the TT RS is one really fast car. Even with it's weak breakes and weight ratio. I'd love to see a transparent comparison where the Cayman S is faster at the Nordschleife but I haven't found one yet.
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  11. Pekka

    Pekka Active Member

    Just saw AutoBild's last year comparison. Contidrom: Cayman S 1:42,90 vs. TT RS 1:42,70? Daimn! Let's see what the current AutoBild Sportscars issue says...
  12. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    give me one head to head comparison where the tt-rs is faster than a caymans PDK..in tracks
    look at it again do you understand ?? why the manual gear box and that 0-200 km/h accelecration is not importannt it wont passe you the 1/4mile faster the cayman pdk would still kick it ass 13.0 vs 12.9:D
  13. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    1-the boxster was tested the same wet day as the cayman s pdk so again stick to the FC

    2-the day they tested your confirmed 8.17 was wet i have already proved that and you can't prove otherwise other than they did'nt menshion nothen about wet but they did in the picture!!

    3-in a wet lap vs dry lap (8.17 vs 8.09) we should take dry vs dry (8:06 vs 8:09) even if it is factory claim and porsche claims are not just claims you can't prove otherwise (especially if you have a cayman s pdk as u claimed:cool:

    4-audi are lame for counting on sportauto..they have good drivers but porsche knows best!

    5-walter had only 7:45 in a scuderia were the sport auto had 7:39 its not about the faster car you shouldn't be that naive..(strait line for faster cars & turns are made for fast drivers..)

    believe me track conditions (just damp) have mad a R26.R faster than an M600 at bedford last year!!

    Just saw AutoBild's last year comparison. Contidrom: Cayman S 1:42,90 vs. TT RS 1:42,70 nop that was'nt slow the cayman s came back with an 1:36.52 (6 seconds faster in a 3.3 km length) so you can see how rookie the driver was.
  14. Mr Robert

    Mr Robert Global Moderator Staff Member

    Which is faster on track?

    Please post your findings here.
  15. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    If this comparo is not a head-to-head comparison for you, than I really don't know what it is... :D

    Head-to-head we are talking about? Fairness? This test is the real fair and h-t-h test. Both cars with manual gearbox, both cars in the same test. Comparing a direct-shift-Cayman to a manual Audi won't be fair.

    Just for you hilalpro, here are the results of this real Head-To-Head comparison from the latest AutoBild Sportscars:

    Audi TT RS vs. Porsche Cayman S manual

    • 5-cyl-in-line, turbo vs. 6-cyl-boxer
    • 340 hp vs. 320 hp
    • Tyres: Michelin PS2 vs. Bridgestone Potenza
    • Weight: 1474 kg vs. 1402 kg
    • Power-to-weight-ratio: 4,3 kg/hp vs. 4,4 kg/hp
    • Vmax: 280 km/h (limited) vs. 277 km/h
    • 0-100 km/h: 4,5 s vs. 5,0 s
    • 0-200 km/h: 16,4 s vs. 17,7 s
    • 60-100 km/h in 4th gear: 3,9 s vs. 5,1 s
    • 80-120 km/h in 6th gear: 5,9 s vs. 7,5 s
    • Braking (warm): 35,1 m vs. 33,8 m (PCCB...)
    • Fuel cons.: 11,6 l/100 km vs. 11,4 l/100 km
    • Price: €55.800,- vs. €61.976,-

    On the Sachsenring:

    1. 1:41,1 min - Cayman S
    2. 1:41,6 min - TT RS
    The only part where the Porsche was faster is the curvy Omega. The other 4 sector times were nearly identical. So we can see clearly, the Cayman is only faster in slow-or-medium-fast corners. That's why it's faster around the Hockenheimring (a bunch of sharp corners) and that's why the TT RS is faster on the Ring (lots of long straights/corners).

    Dear hilalpro, you wanted to see a real head-to-head comparison between these two sportscars. AutoBild Sportscars did it for you. Now it depends on you to believe the data or not. Personally I finished this discussion with this post.

    Best regards, DeDe.

    P.S.: I will scan the article on monday.:usa7uh:
  16. hilalpro

    hilalpro Active Member

    empty talk.. there is a pdk cayman s porsche has that advantage just like the GT-R have it over the OLD 997 turbo..

    and your comparison is a fail for the tt-rs didn't you see that i menshioned tracks..

    not over 200km/h comparison.. that matter for super cars.. here we have two +300 hp sport cars 1/4 mile caymans 12.9 - tt rs 13.0

    Audi tt-rs / BMW / Nissan / Porsche cayman s PDK
    Measure weight(real weight): 1589 kg / 1675 kg / 1576 kg / 1493 kg
    0-50km/h: 1.6 / 2,3 / 2.2 / 1,8 seconds
    0-100km/h: 4.6 / 5.5 / 5.6 /4.6 seconds
    0-160km/h: 10,9 / 12,5 / 12,6 / 10,3 seconds
    0-200km/h: 17,3 / 20,6 / 20,6 / 17,0 seconds

    Brake distance 100-0km/h: 36,6 m / 35,7 m / 35,6 m / 34,0 m

    On the Sachsenring:

    1. 1:41,1 min - Cayman S manual
    2. 1:41,6 min - TT RS

    Rockingham 1:37.07 1:37.79
    New Performance Car of the Year 2009 issue of CAR Car Magazine


    Kinnekulle raceway 1.04,6 1.05,4
    http://www.germancarforum.com/intern...sdrive35i.html (TeknikesVarld: TT RS vs 370Z vs Cayman S vs Z4 sDrive35i)


    Hockenheim short
    cayman s manual
    Audi TT RS, Nissan 370Z und Porsche Cayman S: Trio-Rhythmus | Sportauto
    Cayman 4 - TT 0
    yeah head to head

    just don't forget non direct comparisons too :t-cheers:

    DeDe:D in the ring WE HAVE A cayman s PDK doing 8:06 NOW go ask audi to beat that or is it only able to beat wet lap numbers on DRy conditions??

    the cayman s pdk/M trash the tt-rs end of story..
  17. Pekka

    Pekka Active Member

  18. dxb335d

    dxb335d Member

    I dont think a Cayman S would out accelerate a TT RS
  19. footie

    footie Banned

    The TT-RS has a 59/41% weight distribution and similar power to weight and a relatively slow acting manual shifter yet on most occasions it's quicker in acceleration and matches or betters on most other disciplines.

    It's funny but I view things a little differently. I reckon it's a hell of an achievement that the TT-RS is capable to stick close to the Cayman S on the twistier of tracks, a car designed and honed for the track with the best brakes in the business, the best steering, definitely the best weight distribution and the best gearbox for the job and then comfortably beat when it's a track that mimics real life roads and road conditions as is the case with the Nurbergring proves that not only was the TT's basic design right but that Audi were right to stick with the Haldex system in this car.

    From someone who has owed 2 Boxsters I would pick a TT-RS over the Cayman S hands down for it's practical boot and all weather ability, two things that the Porsche lack in comparison.

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