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Alfa Romeo Museum

Discussion in 'The Alfa Romeo Lounge' started by rs271, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Renewed Alfa Romeo museum opens its doors
    Alfa Romeo museum

    Already available for visitors
    Alfa Romeo has celebrated its 105th anniversary by opening again its historical museum.

    Located in Arese, Italy, the museum is named “La macchina del tempo” and hosts a bookshop, a cafe, a documentation center, a test drive track and a show-room with a customer delivery area. It opened its doors for the public in June 30 and will be available for visitors every day.

    The Italian company is permanently displaying 69 vehicles, including the very first model of the brand – the 24 HP, the Mille Miglia winner 6C 1750 Gran Sport, the 8C coachbuilt by Touring and the Gran Premio 159 “Alfetta 159” world Formula 1 winner.

    The museum is divided on three themes – Timeline, Beauty and Speed. The first one represents the industrial continuity, the second one teams style with design and Speed sums up technology and light weight. Each theme is devoted a floor of the Museum.

    image. image. image. image.

    Source: Alfa Romeo via Carscoops
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