80 percent of BMW 1-Series drivers think the car is a front-wheel drive

Discussion in '1 Series' started by Monster, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Monster

    Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

    80 percent of BMW 1-Series drivers think the car is a front-wheel drive

    Just because the customers are ignorant, it doesn't mean the company can get away with hypocrisy . Basically BMW is saying "Hey 80% of these customers are idiots, we can dilute our brand value, and make a massive killing from this."

    So now I found the answer to my question "What type of customers are BMW aiming for with this new small car?" The answer is "Idiotic badge slaves."
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  2. siko

    siko Well-Known Member

    This kinda makes being a 1er owner a little embarrassing.
  3. bmwownage

    bmwownage Active Member

    Fact is most buyers knows sh!t about cars, they just buy it for the looks, the feel, the brand perhaps. It's only enthusiasts who really do "care". And i mean, BMW should make cars RWD because they believe it's the best configuration, NOT because they simply want buyers to know their cars are RWD, but by what the guy said, they are making RWDs because it is simply a marketing thing. This is frustrating.
    I'm OK if they make their special small car a FWD, just don't make the main stream (1series upwards) adapt the same. Afterall this is about the heritage, a heritage, a brand, a specialty that took all these years to accumulate, and BMW shouldn't "just" let go. yes perhaps there will still be much more "idiot" car buyers than enthusiasts (those who care), but without enthusiasts, the brand will not be the brand it is (was) and your brand image just slides, then the "idiot" car buyers would get something else instead. I mean, sometimes you got to sacrifice something now to get a brighter/more secure future... milking the cow, making anti-fans cars won't help it. BMW in a way has this sporting heritage that Mercedes/Audi doesn't have, and they really should keep at it. It's like quite a while ago, people look at a e46 318i and says "geez this thing handles well" while looking at a C180K people would just say "this is crap", but this "advantage" appears to have eroded quite a bit already and imo they just can't continue to let it slide more.
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  4. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    WOW......there goes that nonsense about BMW customers being oh-so knowledgeable enthusiasts! Who in their car-right mind would think a BMW is FWD?!?!

    You won't see any BMW CM nonsense in this thread. There ain't enough spin in the world to fix this one.

    Anyway it seems to me BMW is about to make the same mistake that Mercedes made, a FWD bastard that doesn't represent or do the brand any good beyond generating sales numbers.

    Mini should be all things FWD within the BMW group. Period. Expand that brand. A FWD BMW? What the hell for?

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  5. jack

    jack Well-Known Member

    so this means 80% of the 1series drivers have never driven the car on snow
  6. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

    I am truly stunned.
  7. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    Its not just 1series, lots of BMW owners think the same. One of my buddies has a 325Ci (dad bought it for him and he claims to be an enthusiast as well). I was driving with him the other day and he's like

    "Damn my front wheels are worn already, this is what I hate about FWD's!". facepalm moment.
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  8. Guibo

    Guibo Well-Known Member

    So basically this is admitting that their marketing of the 1er as a unique proposition in its segment (RWD driving dynamics, uncorrupted steering) is a miserable failure.
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  9. Sunny

    Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

    I doubt this holds true for the 1er customer base in US - which is mostly enthusiasts buying 135 and shunning 3er. But is probably true for 3er. Also I wonder if a person doesn't know his/her BMW is RWD know what RWD or FWD is in the first place.
  10. MikeJ

    MikeJ Global Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not at all surprised to hear this. Many people have practically no interest in cars, and technical aspects have little or no effect on their choice of car. Heck, I've had several people tell me that they went to a dealership and simply chose a car they thought looked nice. And not all of them were women... :eusa_doh:
  11. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    I knew it. Thats what I've been saying for a long time. I drive a FWD bimmer :D

    My first thought. This sounds like a bad excuse from BMW. Like they are making this up to justify a front wheel drive BMW.
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  12. ghusheshe

    ghusheshe Active Member

    This is a bit patronizing from the Chief. I drive a 135 series convertible and do not think its FWD. Talk about generalising nonsense...:t-crazy2:
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  13. ree

    ree Well-Known Member

    lol… :ROFLMAO:…I'm between shock and amusement…normally you can feel if your car is FWD or RWD… :eusa_doh:
  14. coolraoul

    coolraoul Well-Known Member

    I don't buy it. If you don't know if your car is FWD or RWD, it surely means you don't know what is FWD or RWD in the first place.

    So it's not 80% think the 1er is FWD, but 80% of the 1er driver don't know what it means to be RWD.

    And BMW i using that excuse to justify a FWD car bearing the BMW name. Which will only shock the true enthusiasts, who are not any more the concern of BMW.

    Makes sense from an economic PoV. But will disappoint many fans.
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  15. PanterroR

    PanterroR Well-Known Member

    Nothing to add. :eusa_clap

  16. Human

    Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

    Reithofer is talking shit - period! Where is the statistics poll? Including myself (my wife) who bought the 120i back in 04' I have 5 friends all driving 1er's of them 2 are 135i coupes AND not one of us were called/mailed or received postal correspondence from BMW SA or BMW AG on this matter AND all of us know the 1er is RWD!

    Who's fooling who? :t-banghea

    BMW is pissing me off big time with this utter nonsense!

    NEWSFLASH - Herr Reithofer! 80% of BMW owners wants you to step down as CEO of BMW AG.
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  17. ghusheshe

    ghusheshe Active Member

    This upsets me as a BMW customer, BMW management and their arrogance. The CEO is taking us for idiots, 'they don't know what RWD is drive, 80% of them confirms this, so lets give 'em a FWD 1 series and they wont even notice the difference". Almost every 1 series owner I know knows that his car is RWD, dammn the sales man at the dealership even has this included in his sales pitch.. Dammn you BMW management.:t-banghea
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  18. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    Truth spoken.

    As this is said by BMW, we all know this stunt is pulled just to justify BMW going cheap with FWD. The customers will notice, it will only be too late by then.

    "Hey, mr Salesperson, why does this new BMW not act like the 1-series I had before?"

    Oh, well, this type of condecending statements is just another reason to move away from BMW or at least put on my "BMW never to buy"-list, which today includes:

    1. V6 engined models
    2. FWD models
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  19. ghusheshe

    ghusheshe Active Member

    Mr Norbert Reithofer Sir, remember this old BMW ad?

    You need to stick this to a wall in your office... Since Easter is around the corner..

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  20. klier

    klier Member

    Yes, here's one of those:


    As for this news: BS 100%. Only some people who get the car from their company as a lease car who just don't care about cars don't know things like this.
    I think that 80% of real 1er buyers knows perfectly well that the car is RWD. Such a lame BS report :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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