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SPIED! 2018 BMW 1-Series Spy Pics and Info

Discussion in '1 Series' started by rs271, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Well-Known Member

    And the best of all... No freaking EPS!!!!
  2. Matski

    Matski Member

    That awkward moment when the 2 litre diesel automatic 3 series GT sold better in your country than the last I6 NA RWD non EPS BMW....
  3. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    it's a possibility. Some markets are already showing SUVs eclipsing traditional segments.
  4. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    I have made my own opinions about certain products under BMW Group. Especially my feelings against the new MINI Countryman. In fact I saw this comparison and I thought of you guys.
    The New MINI Countryman.
    A Zippie? Something that entertains Children in the UK:confused:
    Spot the Difference...
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    • Cabasse0

      Cabasse0 Active Member

      Simple by the fact that the volume are too low to be a single platform for the 1 so using the clar is simply too expensive regarding the price tag of the 1 hatch market
      But using the ukl on which 800k units are built among the Bmw group (including mini) is more profitable ...
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    • Fido

      Fido Well-Known Member Spy Photographer

      I've got to see anything that you're saying...

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