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OFFICIAL 2014 John Cooper Works MINI Paceman

Discussion in 'Countryman/Paceman' started by omoderncultureo, Dec 12, 2012.

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    • Cashmere

      Cashmere Well-Known Member

      Kinky.... I like it.
    • Centurion

      Centurion Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      What an absolute fire cracker. It's a brilliant car for a young bachalor who wants a sporty car with good practicality. Good ride height for asshat parking, and the boot looks good to gobble surf boards if you fold down the odd seat..
    • martinbo

      martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      Oh crud. I actually like it. I hate it when I'm not thinking right.

      Luw, you obviously haven't seen a surfboard in real life! :ROFLMAO:
    • Centurion

      Centurion Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Well you can always get a surfboard for kids if that's all the Mini can take, or possibly a wake-board or even just a chopping board.
    • Merc1

      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Its really funky looking, I really like it.


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