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Spied! McLaren P1 Hypercar testing

posted by NSL

German Car Forum brings you the very latest spy shots of McLaren’s eagerly awaited P1 hypercar. What’s evident is that the production model looks to stay as true as possible to the stunning concept car displayed at this year’s Paris motor show.

In spite of the creatively patterned camouflage, the McLaren P1′s fundamental proportions, silhouette and design details are clearly portrayed. The ultra low profile front wings and bonnet; the pod-like cabin housing and glasshouse; slashing side surfaces; large, single outlet exhaust and aggressive rear diffuser all appear to make the transition from concept to production largely untouched.

Official details on the exact output of the P1′s powertrain remain elusive but the general consensus is that the P1 will almost certainly be propelled by a hybrid engine / electric motor combination. Combined with the P1′s expected low weight figure, performance should be nothing less than fierce to put it mildly. Indeed, on visual impact alone, the P1 ought to make a strong case for itself in the impending battle of the hybrid hypercars with the forthcoming Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari Enzo successor.

Stay tuned to German Car Forum for more as and when this story unfolds.

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