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SPIED: 2014 Maserati Ghibli prototype

posted by NSL


Early Ghibli development cars, wearing modified Quattroporte bodies, have been spotted several times in the past few months, but today, the first real prototype for the new, smaller Maser has been spied!

Maserati engineers have actually camouflaged this prototype to appear as one of the old Quattroporte test cars we saw early in 2012. However, a quick comparison reveals this Ghibli test car is not nearly as long as the Quattroporte test cars, with the most noticeable length difference in the rear doors.

Much like the Quattroporte test cars from last year, this Ghibli test car also has fake camouflage panels on the rear half of the roofline.

The Ghibli, codenamed “M157,” will be the start of a significant brand expansion for Maserati, and will aim to compete with the BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-class.

Underneath the sheet metal, the Ghibli might be more Chrysler than Maserati. Sources indicate the Ghibli said to be utilizing a version of the Chrysler 300 chassis.

Additionally, the base motor is rumored to be a turbocharged version of Chrysler’s 3.5L Pentastar V6, good for 375-400hp. That said, we feel pretty confident a Ferrari-sourced V8 will also be offered. Both engines should be mated to an 8-speed, ZF transmission.



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