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Rumor Mill: A look into the Crystal Ball… The 2016 BMW 5er

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This is the latest rumors from our member Scott27, with an insight into the future: The 2016 BMW 5er.

A Look into the Crystal Ball.

The 2016 BMW 5er.

Well yes and no.
The next generation 5er is as I understand going through the motions of design process at the moment so they cannot give a concrete conclusion as we are still some time off from final design freeze , or the final car that will be chosen for production.

Of course design is very much influenced by BMW’s latest sculptural approach as demonstrated on the Vision Connected Drive concept car which is a preview to the next progression of the current cars that began with the BMW 7er in 2008.

What is known is that architecture and matrix will be shared with additional models as of the current model that shares extensively a matrix with the 6er and 7er. Again the BMWi influence will be inherited as the 7er leads the beginning of extensive CFRP material technology in not only structure but also with key body panels such as roof , bonnet , trunk lid and door skins will bring the weight down significantly over todays car by a considerable margin.

In the meantime the car will receive an LCi in the next twelve months which will see the 5er inherit similar LED technology as the latest 7er , some additional technology updates and engine upgrades and subtle styling changes with a look inspired by the 2010 BMW Active Hybrid 5 Concept.
The 5er could also be the basis for a world first high efficiency model powered by BMW’s upcoming three cylinder diesel engine reminscent of earlier 5ers such as the E28 and E34 518i.
This time in the more conventional choice of diesel.

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