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On the future BMW models based on the 3er platform

posted by Giannis

Yesterday, a photo of the naked chassis of what seems to be the F34 3 series GT reached the web. Up until the E9x 3 series, we only saw four variations. A sedan, a touring, a coupe and a cabrio model, which are now said to be increased by two. First of all, many Internet media are reporting that the 3 series coupe and cabrio will from now on be called the 4 series, in an effort to match the 5er and 6er nomenclature and divide the large number of variants over a larger number of model series, making the line-up more organized and better to understand.

F34 3 series GT prototype

Then, the first new variation will be the 3er GT. A higher roof line, an elevated seating position and a rear design like the 5er GT will be differentiating the GT from the sedan variant. Prototypes have already been driving around the streets of Munich, yet having not reached the FEP stage, the camouflage is still heavy and it doesn’t allow us to have a more clear look at the rear design.

Prototype reported as 4er Gran Coupe

The second new variant will be the 4 series Gran Coupe. As its bigger brother, the 6 series Gran Coupe, hints, the 4er GC will have a low and long roof line, giving the impression of a coupe body style, despite its 4 doors. The low roof line, combined with the long hood and boot will make the 4er GC appear longer than it is, while looking more sporty than the regular 3 series sedan.

There are already some prototypes caught by spy photographers, which are reported to be prototypes of  the 4er GC, but we are concerned by the presence of a third side window, as can be seen in the above picture. Despite it being camouflaged on the driver’s side, it can be clearly recognized on the right side of the car, if one observes through the left rear window.

Image Credits:, WCF and BimmerPost

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  • In all, great! BMW has some great products in the pipeline and that is just awesome!

    4er GC, simply can’t wait! Can it come soon enough!?

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