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Jul 31, 2007
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Well-Known Member, Male

:D Fokin idiot! Mar 19, 2013

    1. SF Dede
      SF Dede
      When are you going to be visiting CA? It might change what I recommend as the "seasons" change. I have liked Palm Springs and Joshua Tree (park nearby) but I am a mid-century modern architecture fan. The west side of LA is nice. Santa Monica, Venice.
    2. SF Dede
      SF Dede
      Ok, so I'm a newb. How do I PM you?
      1. mini_cooper4
        To be honest I know as much as you. Haven't done it in ages and the forum has changed quite a bit since then. You can write on my profile/wall here just as you did now. Not sure how many people are actually reading my "wall". Probably zero so it should be as close to a private message as it gets :)
        Mar 14, 2015
    3. Gianclaudio
    4. mini_cooper4
      :D Fokin idiot!
    5. Gianclaudio
      As Giannis cleaned the thread, here it goes :D

      Shut up, bitch! :D :D
    6. mini_cooper4
      Doing well right now :) What about you ? :)
    7. Gianclaudio
      Hahahaha. The power of insistence! :P

      How are you my dear friend?
    8. mini_cooper4
      :D You'll never ever give up :D
    9. Gianclaudio
      May I ask... where's is my Lambo?
    10. Gianclaudio
    11. Gianclaudio

      Yeah, sure! :P
    12. mini_cooper4
      Trust me girls dislike this car sooooo much :D:D
      It ain't a pus*y magnit at all :D
    13. Gianclaudio
      Thanks buddy! A black Lambo is always welcome, as an extra dose of luck :D
    14. mini_cooper4
      I'm not talking about anything serious yet :)
      GL with that girl, mate :)
    15. Gianclaudio
      I normally don't go formal and been trying to avoid relationships but I'm just about to go into a serious relationship after 2 years. Damm :(
    16. mini_cooper4
      I'm coming back from the clubs and I guess I ain't single again :D
      I feel like a teenager going in and out of relations so fast :D
      I'm glad that you mean parents :D
    17. Gianclaudio
      Lol, yes! My parents I mean, hahaa
      Yup, large gardens and pools aren't good things for young, single guys :P
    18. mini_cooper4
      "dads" was a mistype right ? :D
      My grandparents live in a house outside the city with a huge garden with many rare flowers and so on. They have a swimming pool too and it takes like every second you have to keep everything clean and green :)
    19. Gianclaudio
      Haha, yes mate, I perfectly know waht you mean :P Garden and jacuzzi are VERY labour intensive. My dads have a large granden and a swimming pool, man, is a huge pain in the ass to keep the pool clean and grass, green
    20. mini_cooper4
      It's morning :) It's been almost a year since I broke up with my big love and we were together for 2 years and she was living with me almost all of the time so I know what you mean :D
      Yeah I like the idea of having a garden with a jakuzi outside but I should pay a gardener to keep it clean and green as I don't have any time for stuff like that :D And the only thing I'm afraid of with houses is that they are getting robbed constantly in here :D
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