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SmileSmile :) :-) (:
WinkWink ;)
FrownFrown :(
MadMad :mad: >:( :@
ConfusedConfused :confused:
CoolCool :cool: 8-) :2cool: :icon_cool
Stick Out TongueStick Out Tongue :p :P
Big GrinBig Grin :D
Eek!Eek! :eek: :eek-new:
Oops!Oops! :oops:
Roll EyesRoll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what?Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
BarefootBarefoot :barefoot: :barefeet:
CautiousCautious :cautious:
CensoredCensored :censored:
CryingCrying :cry: :crying:
LoveLove :love:
LaughLaugh :LOL: :laugh:
Not WorthyNot Worthy :notworthy:
ROFLROFL :ROFLMAO: :ROFL: :rofl: :laugh2:
SickSick :sick: :puke:
SleepSleep :sleep: :zzz: :sleep1zh:
SneakySneaky :sneaky:
Thumbs UpThumbs Up (y) :thumbsup: :thumbup:
Thumbs DownThumbs Down (n) :thumbsdown: :thumbdwn: :thumbdown
UnsureUnsure :unsure:
WhistlingWhistling :whistle: :whistling: :whistles:
X3X3 :X3:
CoffeeCoffee :coffee:
GiggleGiggle :giggle:
PoopPoop :poop:
AlienAlien :alien:
NinjaNinja :ninja:
DevilDevil :devil: :icon_twis
GeekGeek :geek:
AndroidAndroid :android:
JimladJimlad :jimlad:
DeadDead :dead:
YuckYuck :yuck:
Stinky FeetStinky Feet :stinkyfeet:
BoredBored :bored:
SmugSmug :smug:
In PainIn Pain :inpain:
Bang HeadBang Head :banghead: :eusa_wall
DummyDummy :dummy:
HungoverHungover :hungover:
JoyfulJoyful :joyful:
BorgBorg :borg:
Dummy1Dummy1 :dummy1:
CatCat :cat:
HappyHappy :happy:
MaskMask :mask:
BookwormBookworm :bookworm:
Spit Out DummySpit Out Dummy :spitoutdummy:
Nail BitingNail Biting :nailbiting:
PlayfulPlayful :playful:
SorrySorry :sorry:
Black AlienBlack Alien :blackalien:
FacepalmFacepalm :facepalm:
StopStop :stop:
HungryHungry :hungry:
WTFWTF :wtf:
Grey AlienGrey Alien :greyalien:
PompousPompous :pompous:
BRBBRB :brb:
Snap HappySnap Happy :snaphappy:
WootWoot :woot:
LurkingLurking :lurking:
ShyShy :shy:
ShiftyShifty :shifty:
GrumpyGrumpy :grumpy:
Wide EyedWide Eyed :wideyed:
ChickenChicken :chicken:
SingingSinging :singing:
Couch PotatoCouch Potato :couchpotato:
WackyWacky :wacky:
BagBag :bag:
PeekingPeeking :peeking:
HeadphoneHeadphone :headphone:
Big TearsBig Tears :bigtears: :crying6cc
SourSour :sour:
FingerFinger :finger:
MehMeh :meh:
ArghhArghh :arghh:
TrollTroll :troll:
AngelicAngelic :angelic: :angel4:
Black EyeBlack Eye :blackeye:
Cold FeetCold Feet :coldfeet:
DepressedDepressed :depressed:
HilariousHilarious :hilarious:
Ban HappyBan Happy :banhappy:
WatchingWatching :watching:
GreedyGreedy :greedy:
Lock TopicLock Topic :lock:
Old ManOld Man :oldman:
CyclopsCyclops :cyclops:
Link MeLink Me :link:
PicsPics :pics:
AsshatAsshat :asshat:
ClownClown :clown:
BiggrinBiggrin :biggrin.doodle:
ConfusedConfused :confused.doodle:
CoolCool :cool.doodle:
EekEek :eek.doodle:
FrownFrown :frown.doodle:
MadMad :mad.doodle:
RedfaceRedface :redface.doodle: :redface: :o: :o
RolleyesRolleyes :rolleyes.doodle:
SmileSmile :smile.doodle:
TongueTongue :tongue.doodle: :tongue: :tongue1: :tongue2:
WinkWink :wink.doodle:
1zhelp1zhelp :1zhelp:
Action Smiley 083Action Smiley 083 :action-sm
All CoholicAll Coholic :all_cohol
AngelAngel :angel:
AngryfireAngryfire :angryfire
BananaBanana :banana:
BanginBangin :bangin:
BashBash :bash:
BigmouthBigmouth :bigmouth:
Blob FireBlob Fire :blob_fire
BonkBonk :bonk:
BounceBounce :bounce:
BowBow :bow:
BowdownBowdown :bowdown:
BumpBump :bump:
Cool Smiley 030Cool Smiley 030 :cool-smi:
Cry2Cry2 :cry2:
Cwm1Cwm1 :cwm1:
Dazed053Dazed053 :dazed053:
Eek2Eek2 :eek2:
EmthdownEmthdown :emthdown:
EmthupEmthup :emthup:
Eusa ClapEusa Clap :eusa_clap
Eusa DanceEusa Dance :eusa_danc
Eusa DohEusa Doh :eusa_doh:
Eusa HandEusa Hand :eusa_hand
Eusa LiarEusa Liar :eusa_liar
Eusa NaughtyEusa Naughty :eusa_naug
Eusa PrayEusa Pray :eusa_pray
Eusa ShhhEusa Shhh :eusa_shhh
Eusa ShiftyEusa Shifty :eusa_shif
Eusa SilencedEusa Silenced :eusa_sile
Eusa SnootyEusa Snooty :eusa_snoo
Eusa ThinkEusa Think :eusa_thin
Eye5Eye5 :eye5:
Eye8Eye8 :eye8:
Eyebulge6ckEyebulge6ck :eyebulge6
GreenappleGreenapple :greenappl
Happy001Happy001 :happy001:
Hearts2Hearts2 :hearts2:
HighfiveHighfive :highfive:
HyperHyper :hyper:
Icon BsIcon Bs :icon_bs:
Icon RedfaceIcon Redface :icon_redf
Icon RolleyesIcon Rolleyes :icon_roll
IcondroolIcondrool :icondrool
IdeaIdea :idea:
JpshakeheadJpshakehead :jpshakehe
NopityNopity :nopity:
O0vrO0vr :0vr:
PopcornPopcorn :popcorn:
PukefacePukeface :pukeface:
RazzRazz :razz:
SmiliedanceSmiliedance :smiliedan
SpinstarSpinstar :spinstar:
Stork BoyStork Boy :stork-boy
Stork GirlStork Girl :stork-gir
T ApplauseT Applause :t-applaus
T BangheadT Banghead :t-banghea
T CheersT Cheers :t-cheers:
T Crazy2T Crazy2 :t-crazy2:
T DriveT Drive :t-drive:
T HairT Hair :t-hair:
T HandsT Hands :t-hands:
T Hands2T Hands2 :t-hands2:
T HihiT Hihi :t-hihi:
T PartyT Party :t-party:
T RosesT Roses :t-roses:
T RotT Rot :t-rot:
T UpsideT Upside :t-upside:
T WildT Wild :t-wild:
T WoohooT Woohoo :t-woohoo:
TantrumTantrum :tantrum:
Ty1Ty1 :ty1:
ThumbsUp.LegacyThumbsUp.Legacy :usa7uh:
Wave4Wave4 :wave4:
WaveyWavey :wavey:
WinkgrinWinkgrin :winkgrin:
WthumbWthumb :wthumb:
Wthumb2Wthumb2 :wthumb2:
YlsuperYlsuper :ylsuper:
AngelPrayAngelPray :AngelPray
Angel2Angel2 :angel2:
Beatdeadhorse5Beatdeadhorse5 :beatdeadh
Chair6fmChair6fm :chair6fm:
DrinkDrink :drink:
Image1Image1 :image1:
KewlpicsKewlpics :kewlpics:
LavalampLavalamp :lavalamp:
OfftopicOfftopic :offtopic:
PartyParty :party:
PleasePlease :please:
RingRing :ring:
SorrySorry :imsorry:
Sponge3upSponge3up :sponge3up
TazTaz :taz:
WerdWerd :werd:
WorshipbmwWorshipbmw :worshbmw:
Worthless2zhWorthless2zh :worthless
You Rock EmoticonYou Rock Emoticon :you_rock_
SmileSmile :smile-halloween:
WinkWink :wink-halloween:
MadMad :mad-halloween:
ConfusedConfused :confused-halloween:
CoolCool :coolbat-halloween:
BigsmileBigsmile :bigsmile-halloween:
OopsOops :oops-halloween:
RolleyesRolleyes :rolleyes-halloween:
SurprisedSurprised :surprised-halloween:
EvilEvil :evil-halloween:
GiggleGiggle :giggle-halloween:
LolLol :lol-halloween:
HappyHappy :happy-halloween:
SadSad :sad-halloween:
SleepSleep :sleep-halloween:
StickouttongueStickouttongue :stickouttongue-halloween:
X3X3 :x3bat-halloween:
XdXd :xd-halloween:
BatBat :bat:
Evil PumpkinEvil Pumpkin :evilpumpkin: :evil_pump
Ghost1Ghost1 :ghost1:
Halloween2Halloween2 :halloween2: :hallowe2
Halloween7Halloween7 :halloween7: :halloween
Halloween8Halloween8 :halloween8: :hallowe8
PumpkinPumpkin :pumpkin:
Pumpkin2Pumpkin2 :pumpkin2:
Trial1Trial1 :trial1: :spiderweb:
WitchWitch :witch:
Witch2Witch2 :witch2:
Happ3Happ3 :Happ3: :happ3:
ThanksThanks :Thanks: :thanks:
Thanks2Thanks2 :Thanks2: :thanks2:
TurkeyTurkey :Turkey: :turkey:
8 2 888 2 88 :8_2_88:
BallBall :Ball:
Holly1Holly1 :Holly1:
Holly2Holly2 :Holly2:
Mrs ClausMrs Claus :Mrs_Cla:
Santa1Santa1 :Santa1:
Santa3Santa3 :Santa3:
Santa5Santa5 :Santa5:
SnowSnow :Snow:
Snowman1Snowman1 :Snowman1:
Snowman2Snowman2 :Snowman2:
Snowman3Snowman3 :Snowman3:
AngryAngry :angry:
AreindeerAreindeer :areindee:
BiggrinsantaBiggrinsanta :biggri:
CcCc :cc:
CheesyCheesy :cheesy:
ChristmasChristmas :christma:
CoolCool :coolxmas:
CryCry :cry.xmas:
ElfElf :elf:
ElvisElvis :elvis:
EmbarassedEmbarassed :embara:
FrostyFrosty :frosty:
GrinGrin :grin:
HeartHeart :heart:
HertHert :hert:
HuhHuh :huh:
Icon BiggrinIcon Biggrin :icon_big:
Icon CheesygrinIcon Cheesygrin :icon_che:
Icon ConfusedIcon Confused :icon_con:
Icon CoolIcon Cool :icon_coo:
Icon CryIcon Cry :icon_cry:
Icon EekIcon Eek :icon_eek:
Icon EvilIcon Evil :icon_evi:
Icon ExclaimIcon Exclaim :icon_exc:
Icon FrownIcon Frown :icon_fro:
Icon IdeaIcon Idea :icon_ide:
Icon LolIcon Lol :icon_lol:
Icon MadIcon Mad :icon_mad:
Icon MrgreenIcon Mrgreen :icon_mrg:
Icon NeutralIcon Neutral :icon_neu:
Icon QuestionIcon Question :icon_que:
Icon RazzIcon Razz :icon_raz:
Icon RedfaceIcon Redface :icon_red:
Icon RolleyesIcon Rolleyes :icon_rol:
Icon SadIcon Sad :icon_sad:
Icon SmileIcon Smile :icon_smi:
Icon SurprisedIcon Surprised :icon_sur:
Icon TwistedIcon Twisted :icon_twi:
Icon WinkIcon Wink :icon_win:
KerstsmileyKerstsmiley :kerstsmi:
KissKiss :kiss:
LaughLaugh :laugh.xmas:
LipsrsealedLipsrsealed :lipsrseal :lipsrseal:
New YearNew Year :new_year:
NoelNoel :noel:
RolleyesRolleyes :xmasrolleyes:
SadSad :sad:
SantaSanta :santa:
Santa2Santa2 :santa2:
Santa4Santa4 :santa4:
Santa ChimneySanta Chimney :santa_ch:
ShockedShocked :shocked:
SmileySmiley :smiley:
Smilie ReSmilie Re :smilie_r:
SnowballSnowball :snowball:
Snowball1Snowball1 :snowbal1:
Snowfight1Snowfight1 :snowfig1:
SnowmanSnowman :snowman:
Snowman4Snowman4 :snowman4:
StockingStocking :stocking:
TongueTongue :tonguesanta:
TreeTree :tree:
UndecidedUndecided :undecide:
Weihnacht2Weihnacht2 :weihnac2:
WinkWink :wink:
WreathWreath :wreath:
Xmas Smiley 001Xmas Smiley 001 :xmas-sm1:
Xmas Smiley 002Xmas Smiley 002 :xmas-sm2:
Xmas Smiley 003Xmas Smiley 003 :xmas-sm3:
Xmas Smiley 004Xmas Smiley 004 :xmas-sm4:
Xmas Smiley 005Xmas Smiley 005 :xmas-sm5:
Xmas Smiley 006Xmas Smiley 006 :xmas-sm6:
Xmas Smiley 007Xmas Smiley 007 :xmas-sm7:
Xmas Smiley 008Xmas Smiley 008 :xmas-sm8:
Xmas Smiley 009Xmas Smiley 009 :xmas-sm9:
Xmas Smiley 010Xmas Smiley 010 :xmas-s10:
Xmas Smiley 011Xmas Smiley 011 :xmas-s11:
Xmas Smiley 012Xmas Smiley 012 :xmas-s12:
Xmas Smiley 013Xmas Smiley 013 :xmas-s13:
Xmas Smiley 014Xmas Smiley 014 :xmas-s14:
Xmas Smiley 015Xmas Smiley 015 :xmas-s15:
Xmas Smiley 016Xmas Smiley 016 :xmas-s16:
Xmas Smiley 017Xmas Smiley 017 :xmas-s17:
Xmas Smiley 018Xmas Smiley 018 :xmas-s18:
Xmas Smiley 019Xmas Smiley 019 :xmas-s19:
Xmas Smiley 020Xmas Smiley 020 :xmas-s20:
Xmas Smiley 021Xmas Smiley 021 :xmas-s21:
Xmas Smiley 022Xmas Smiley 022 :xmas-s22:
Xmas Smiley 023Xmas Smiley 023 :xmas-s23:
Xmas Smiley 024Xmas Smiley 024 :xmas-s24:
Xmas Smiley 025Xmas Smiley 025 :xmas-s25:
Xmas Smiley 026Xmas Smiley 026 :xmas-s26:
Xmas Smiley 027Xmas Smiley 027 :xmas-s27:
Xmas Smiley 028Xmas Smiley 028 :xmas-s28:
Xmas Smiley 029Xmas Smiley 029 :xmas-s29:
Xmas Smiley 030Xmas Smiley 030 :xmas-s30:
Xmas Smiley 031Xmas Smiley 031 :xmas-s31:
Xmas Smiley 032Xmas Smiley 032 :xmas-s32:
Xmas Smiley 033Xmas Smiley 033 :xmas-s33:
Xmas Smiley 034Xmas Smiley 034 :xmas-s34:
Xmas Smiley 035Xmas Smiley 035 :xmas-s35:
Xmas Smiley 036Xmas Smiley 036 :xmas-s36:
Xmas Smiley 037Xmas Smiley 037 :xmas-s37:
Xmas Smiley 038Xmas Smiley 038 :xmas-s38:
Xmas Smiley 039Xmas Smiley 039 :xmas-s39:
Xmas Smiley 040Xmas Smiley 040 :xmas-s40:
Xmas Smiley 041Xmas Smiley 041 :xmas-s41:
Xmas Smiley 042Xmas Smiley 042 :xmas-s42:
Xmas Smiley 045Xmas Smiley 045 :xmas-s45:
XmasXmas :xmas:
Hello3Hello3 :Hello3: :hello3:
WelcomeWelcome :Welcome: :welcome:
Welcome8Welcome8 :Welcome8: :welcome8:
Firew CelebFirew Celeb :firewcel:
FireworksFireworks :firewrks:
Fireworks1Fireworks1 :firewrk:
Fireworks2Fireworks2 :firek2:
Fireworks3Fireworks3 :firek3:
Fireworks4Fireworks4 :fireworks4: :fireks2:
Happyny15Happyny15 :hapny15:
Happyny18Happyny18 :hapny18:
Happyny21Happyny21 :hapny21:
Happyny22Happyny22 :hapny22:
Happyny4Happyny4 :happyny4:
Happyny5Happyny5 :happyny5:
BalloonBalloon :balloon:
Bday3Bday3 :bday3:
BirthdayBirthday :birthday: