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Member Access Levels

As a spam prevention measure, new members have reduced permissions. In addition, to encourage participation, as members become more active the permissions gradually increase.

It is also possible to purchase account upgrades. These grant further benefits, and any such accounts are identified by means of a custom status.

The following list explains the different levels of access and benefits that members gain on each stage, based on the number of posts made.

New Members
All new members have very limited permissions, but can post in the forums with the following restrictions:
  • The first 5 posts are pre-moderated.
  • Posts cannot be edited.
  • Profile posts are not allowed.
  • No participant(s) can be invited to conversations.
  • Signatures are not permitted.
  • Tags not allowed.
  • Content cannot be reported.
  • Less ads displayed (vs. unregistered/unconfirmed membership).
Verified Members
After 5 posts, the permissions increase slightly as follows:
  • Posts are no longer pre-moderated.
  • Posts can be edited for 5 minutes.
  • Profile posts are allowed
  • Profile posts can be edited.
  • One participant can be invited to conversations.
  • Tag up to one user per post.
  • Fewer ads than New Members' group displayed.
GCF Members
After 25 posts, the following changes are applied:
  • Posts can be edited for 24 hours.
  • Five participants can be invited to conversations.
  • Conversation messages can be edited for 60 minutes.
  • Personal profile posts can be managed.
  • Content can be reported.
  • Limited signatures are permitted: Max 200 chars, two lines, basic formatting and max font size 2 allowed.
  • View Ratings List Allowed.
  • Tag up to 5 users per post.
  • Polls can be added to own thread for up to 24 hours.
  • Uploads in Resources allowed.
  • Even fewer ads displayed.
Upgraded Accounts
It is also possible to purchase account upgrades, which provide further benefits. The following upgrades are currently available:
  • Premium Member
  • Vendor/Business Account
Full details are listed on the Account Upgrades page.