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For the 7th time so far, this is the new Golf!

posted by Giannis

The Golf, VAG’s best selling product, is once again updated, this time in the form of its seventh generation. The most important change is the use of the MQB platform, a modular platform that will, essentially, be used by more than half of VAG’s products. That means every car up to the size of the Golf or the A3. And all the cars that are based on them, like the Skoda Octavia.

Of course, Golf, being the leader in its segment, will feature the latest TSI and TDI engines that have won multiple awards. At the point of its market introduction, the engine range will start from 85hp (1.4l N/A) to 150 (1.4TSI). A new technology introduced for the first time in the Golf, is the cylinder deactivation system of the 140hp TSI engine, which results to just 4.8l/100km of fuel consumption. Efficiency is even more impressive in the case of the 105hp TDI engine which achieves only 3.8l/100km of fuel consumption and 99gr/km of CO2.

You can see our photo gallery after the jump and you can take part in our forum discussion here: VW Golf VII

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