[scans] AMS: Audi A5 3.2 FSI vs. BMW 335i vs. Mercedes E 350 CGI

Discussion in 'Internal Combustion' started by ree, Jun 6, 2009.


Which one would you choose and WHY?!

Poll closed Jul 7, 2009.
  1. Audi A5 3.2 FSI

    11 vote(s)
  2. BMW 335i

    40 vote(s)
  3. Mercedes E 350 CGI Coupe

    35 vote(s)
  1. ree

    ree Well-Known Member




    Compared to BMW and Audi the Merc really needs less fuel!! Nevertheless, just because of the design would still go for the E92!
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  2. Shining Star

    Shining Star Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The E-Coupe. Stunning exterior and a great interior.
  3. VroomVroom

    VroomVroom Well-Known Member

    A5 please!

    You have to see them in real life appreciate the beauty:bowdown:

    Despite the fact it uses more fuel that the Mercedes.
  4. Shining Star

    Shining Star Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    IMO the A5 and the E-Coupe both look stunning, but the 3er looks a bit dated. Still, it probabbly drives the best.
  5. Tarek

    Tarek Well-Known Member

    Expected victory for the Benz,i want one please.:D
  6. braaf

    braaf Active Member

    Like the Audi but in this company it looks like a fat chic with make up on and if I wasn't such a beemer fan it would have been the Merc for me. But alas I must go with my heart. 335i.
  7. cawimmer430

    cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

    I like all of these cars. :cool:

    By the way, I saw the new E-Class Coupe on the street for the first time today. I couldn't get a shot of it because I was driving and it was coming towards me on the opposite side of the road, no time to get my camera prepped up.

    Anyway, it looks stunning on the road in traffic. The coupe I saw was black and it looked very sleek and sporty. It doesn't really stand out but most Mercedes' are always very conservative in that regard. The car at least is hot. (y)
  8. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The E-Coupe seem considerably superior in many categories, may it be thanks to the E-Class guts or are the competitors just slightly older? Both the A5 and E92 are due for facelifts in the next 18 months or so. It's quite shocking how much cheaper the A5 is, especially the options that are listed in the comparison. And for what it's I find it to be prettier than both and any other car under the €50,000 mark.
  9. ZicZachZo

    ZicZachZo Active Member

    I voted for the E, but after seeing an S5 in person the other day... OMG that car is gorgeous. Hard decision! They are all tops.
  10. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    Yes the S5 really is a stunning piece of work. I probably too should have abstained from voting before seeing the E-coupe in person.
  11. ZicZachZo

    ZicZachZo Active Member

    I'm not sure the E coupe will garner such a stance as the S5 does. It looks like a chunk of swoopy metal. The S5 is just perfectly proportioned and downright authoritative to look at.
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  12. Shining Star

    Shining Star Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    That's true...the E does look awkward from some angles, but when you look at it from a good angle...:bowdown:

    This is my favorite angle.

  13. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    I've seen all three IRL and if we put our brand biases aside for a minute, we'll all agree that the Audi S5 looks better than E92 and E-class Coupé. It has road presence and elegance, moreso than the competition. Even E92 have more eyefriendly design than the busy designed E-class Coupé but E92 doens't have road presence like a S5.
    This is my unbiased opinion. (y)
  14. Bartek S.

    Bartek S. Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    My choice only for look (drove only 335i)
    1. 335i
    2. A5
    3. E-coupé
  15. Sunny

    Sunny Well-Known Member GCF Guru

    So the newest, slowest and the most expensive one won?
  16. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    What does speed have to do with it? The E-coupe is on the Audi's toes and drinks less fuel while it's at it. The BMW's drivetrain is also obviously superior in terms of performance, but it consumes more at the same time. There's more to it then just speed and it seems the E-coupe had the measure of the Audi and BMW in a number of categories.

    Still they're all very unique in character, particularly the E-coupe which is obviously the comfort/cruiser orientated option, and offer the buyers the greatest choice. The BMW is obviosly for those who want a more pure/sports experience and the E-coupe is at the other end of the scale. There really is no loser! (y)
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  17. ree

    ree Well-Known Member

    Well said, Mr Mercedes!! Probably this is the first time were every purchase get exactly what he wants to get… (y) …doesn't matter if BMW, Audi or Mercedes!! All three look stunning and offer a different package in combination with perfomance, design, comfort etc… :eusa_clap
  18. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    Sure is! All three feels fresh and are different enough to be interesting in their own way. I'm not sure which one I would have if I had the choise...
  19. braaf

    braaf Active Member

    Let's say we do throw bias out the window, then I'd have to go with the E cos it is better lookin than the E92 and the A5 is just way too fat which makes it look disproportioned.
  20. Potential

    Potential Well-Known Member

    I just fail to see how the A5 can be seen as fat compared to the ghastly obese E Class coupe. There are two extremely good looking cars in this segment and one that in my opinion can not compare in terms of overall, classical design.

    I will note that Mercedes Benz have taken a rather novel approach of using 'showy' stlying of late. I predict this will date qucikly and in the future be looked back upon as a design failure. I much prefer the previous generation examples compared to the latest refreshes from MB.

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