Pre-eCoty 2010 - the contenders?

Discussion in 'Internal Combustion' started by dr Dunkel, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    So, the Evo Car of the Year is comming up in a while.

    What cars do we think will find their way to the shortlist? What car will win?

    Winner in 2009 was the Lotus Evora, in 2008 it was the GTR that pulled away with the victory.

    I have a couple of cars for the shortlist:

    Aston Martin V8 420
    Audi RS5
    Audi R8 V10
    BMW M3 GTS
    BMW M3 Competition
    Citro├źn DS3
    Ferrari 458
    Ferrari 599 GTO
    Ford Focus RS500
    Lexus LF-A
    Macca MP4-12C
    Mercedes E63
    Mercedes SLS
    Porsche GT3 RS
    Porsche GT2 RS
    Porsche Boxter Spyder
    Renaut Megane RS 250

    A dark horse:

    Jaguar XJ

    Please feel free to add and deduct. I think they usually have something like 10-12 cars.
  2. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    Ferrari 458. But maybe Mclaren since its an english product :t-hands:
  3. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    458 Italia. A milestone. (y)
  4. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The only car that could possibly deny the 458 the honour, is the Mclaren.
  5. MikeJ

    MikeJ Global Moderator Staff Member

    They chose not to include the R8 V10 or the E63 last year, so I doubt they'll be appearing this year either.

    The 458 Italia is a good bet.
  6. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    I will rectify that :D I forgot they were available last autumn.
  7. footie

    footie Banned

    I'm not sure the Comp pack can be considered a new model, so I doubt it will be there.

    Cars which I think should be considered are as follows

    Alpina B5
    Audi TT-RS
    Audi RS5
    BMW M3 GTS
    BMW 335iS
    BMW X6M
    Ferrari 458
    Ferrari 599 GTO
    Ford Focus RS500
    Jaguar XJ Supersport
    Lamborghini Gallardo lp570-4 superleggera
    Lexus LF-A
    Macca MP4-12C (might be there)
    Mercedes SLS
    Porsche GT3 RS
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo (something different)
    Porsche Boxter Spyder
    Renaut Megane RS 250
    Volkswagen Scirocco R
  8. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    The Volkswagen Scirocco R was in last year, right?
  9. footie

    footie Banned

    You are right, I don't know why I forgot that. :eusa_doh:
  10. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    Time to wake this one up! I guess the eCoty should be in the december issue, right?
  11. Sunny

    Sunny Well-Known Member GCF Guru

    I will bet good money it will be either the GT3 RS or 458. Rest, as well go home right now.
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  12. martinbo

    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    The MP4-12C won't be there I reckon. It's not yet on the showroom floors.
  13. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    I think cars that have been made available for testing are allowed and that this is determining, not showroom presence.
  14. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    is the f/l Nissan GTR available or is it going to be next year only?

    If this is performance car of the year, I guess the Bugatti Veyron grand sport should top everything.
  15. footie

    footie Banned

    My bet for the top 3 are Porsche GT2RS and Ferrari 458 will be there simply because they are so special and so brilliant at what they do, you could possibly see the GTS in the top three but I think there may be some others which might offer a better combination of talents and still be as brilliant on the track, the new GTR to name but one.

    Come to think of it, if the GTR is there I can't see how it won't be in the top 3.
  16. martinbo

    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Dr D, I speak under correction but as far as I can recall, EVO only uses cars that are available for sale in the UK at the time of the test commencing.
  17. Guibo

    Guibo Well-Known Member

    I think it made eCOTY list last one of the year's disappointments. Here's why:
    BMW X6M | Car review | evo

    Cars I'd like to see to mix things up:
    CTS-V coupe
    Jaguar XKR 75
    MY2011 Nissan GT-R
    Ford Mustang V6

    If they include ultra rare, borderline unobtanium cars like the GTO, LFA, GT2 RS. and M3 GTS, then the M600, GT-R Spec V and R8 GT should be considered. Chris Harris was uncharacteristically critical of the M3 GTS.

    Likely to come down to GT3 RS vs 458. I think the Porsche is more their kind of car.
  18. Guibo

    Guibo Well-Known Member

    The GT-R won in 2008, but first went on sale in the UK in March of 2009.
  19. klier

    klier Member Premium Member

    GT3 RS above all...
  20. martinbo

    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    But it was for sale through grey importers no? In other words, what I'm trying to say is that for a car to be eligible for ECotY it had to be acquirable in the UK itself in that year.

    I, of course, may be quite wrong in this respect but can't think of any other instance where and ECotY contender was a car that was anything other than available for sale in the UK, by whatever means...
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