OFFICIAL Official: BMW F11 5 Series Touring

Discussion in '5 Series' started by Shakal, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Shakal

    Shakal Well-Known Member

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  2. south

    south Well-Known Member

    More pictures



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  3. braaf

    braaf Active Member

  4. shonguiz

    shonguiz Well-Known Member

    Absolutely stunning, i had high expectations and this is even better.
  5. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member

    I like it! It actually looks as if there is a proper boot too...
  6. klier

    klier Member

    Stunning indeed. Maybe the best looking Touring model ever made by BMW. E91 was the all time Touring king for BMW, but it's about to change.

    Very, very good looking. One oif the most striking details so far is the awesome shape of the Hofmeister Kink......inifinitely better than the E61.
  7. Will

    Will Active Member

    wow very impressed, the proportions are perfect. I'm a fan of the treatment of the rear, never seen that sort of numberplate recess on a BMW before

    as said above the execution of the kink is brilliant, so fluid. F11 looks more like a sportback than a touring, love everything about it
  8. fortuner

    fortuner Well-Known Member

    Same as the sedan looks like a larger 3 very boring.
  9. Potential

    Potential Well-Known Member

    Sorry it isn't a Mercedes Benz, but that looks nothing like the 3 Series Touring. Boring? Give me a break. Slap a three point star on that design and you would be praising it to high heaven.
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  10. LaArtist

    LaArtist Well-Known Member

    I still say that BMW shouldnt make wagons..they just cant do it right..
    But given that fact..this is by far their best try to date..
  11. MikeJ

    MikeJ Global Moderator Staff Member

    That's pretty much what I thought. In my eyes, BMW is definitely back on the same sausage, different lengths bandwagon. I really have no problem with that, but I do prefer a different brand of sausage. :D
  12. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    The latest 3er wagon looks ok. The rest no so much. I agree that something on this F11 looks kinda wrong. But I don't know what. Yet, it's much better than I expected.

    The E Class wagon looks much better, hands down.

  13. shonguiz

    shonguiz Well-Known Member

    Seriously ? I always thought that Merc wagons looked more like utilitarian cars than classy looking wagons a la BMW - Alfa.
  14. Giannis

    Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    Yes, I never like the Bimmer wagons. I find the A4/A6 wagon, 159 wagon and Saab 9-3 wagon, to be very good looking and classy wagons.

    The E-Class wagon looks more like a practical wagon, rather than a classy wagon, but after all, this is the point of a wagon. Being practical.
  15. dr Dunkel

    dr Dunkel Global Moderator Staff Member



    I guess there are a lot of different sausages...
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  16. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    that a$$ :icondrool:icondrool:icondrool
  17. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

    Looks really good IMO.

  18. ree

    ree Well-Known Member

    Fabulous – this is what I would call "Sport-Combi"!! Looks great…
  19. MeanAffe

    MeanAffe Member

    I recall some conversations I had with owners of the E46 estate and E91, and all of them criticised the lacking amount of added boot space compared to the saloon/sedan. Now, given the "sportback" slope of the new 5er Touring, I'm afraid the F11 might have turned out the same. Not to mention the never-ending story of rear end visibility.
    Nevertheless, I've always been a fan of BMW's 5er Tourings and loved the E61.
  20. RikfromBelgium

    RikfromBelgium Well-Known Member

    looks bloody terrific,:icondrool I really want this car

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