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Ferrari F50 ever tested?

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferraris' started by lesney78, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. lesney78

    lesney78 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys!

    I usually read the German "Auto Motor und Sport" and "Sport Auto" magazines, but unfortunately those magazines never had a real test of the Ferrari F50. I wonder if this car has ever been really tested (0-100 km/h; curb weight; V max; etc.) in a serious car magazine.

    Any help is welcome. Thanks!

  2. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    First of all: welcome here on GCF!

    I don't know if AMS ever tested it, but I do have a Quattroruote (or something else italian :D)-test of it, with performance numbers. I'll post the article for you tonight. (y)
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  3. lesney78

    lesney78 Well-Known Member

    Hey that would be fantastic! Thanks pal - am looking for those numbers!
  4. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

  5. lesney78

    lesney78 Well-Known Member

  6. Guibo

    Guibo Well-Known Member

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  7. MoSs

    MoSs Well-Known Member

    My favorite ferrari
  8. lesney78

    lesney78 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I never knew Sport Auto had a test of the F50.
  9. Mafalda

    Mafalda Active Member

    French Sport Auto
    0-100 4.1s
    0-160 7.7s
    0-200 11.7s
    400m 11.9s
    1 Km 21.1s @ 257 Kph
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