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2011 Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Facelift (W/S204)

Discussion in 'C-Class' started by MBFanToDeath, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. MBFanToDeath

    MBFanToDeath Well-Known Member

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  2. DeDe

    DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Finally the 7G-tronic of the C63 gets the multi-clutch technology. (y)
  3. fortuner

    fortuner Well-Known Member

    ALL i say is repsect to mercedes and amg absoloutly amazing..i LOVE it...
  4. Cashmere

    Cashmere Well-Known Member

    holy fudge! More pics of that 2 tone white interior!!!!!
    Looks awesome!
  5. as7920

    as7920 Active Member

    Look great. Toned down, less aggressive.
  6. Shining Star

    Shining Star Well-Known Member Contributing Member

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  7. Shining Star

    Shining Star Well-Known Member Contributing Member


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  8. LaArtist

    LaArtist Banned

    Such a neat car:D..
    Love the white sedan
  9. fortuner

    fortuner Well-Known Member

    This is a masterclass car by Merc and AMG i dont think anyone can honestly say they dont like this car the exterior and interior is just awesome...
  10. NarutoRamen

    NarutoRamen Well-Known Member

    I can honestly say that...Nah kidding. I F__king love this car.
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  11. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Where is the coupe version? Isn't it time now for it to show?

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  12. tennmb

    tennmb Well-Known Member

    Looks great. Not sure the hood is an improvement over the power domes.
    Why in the hell can't MB do something with the E63 hood? It's a shame that the C63 is the superior looking car.

    PHYBENZ Well-Known Member

    I liked the previous front better with the big round fogs.
  14. martinbo

    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

    I want that wagon. In that colour.

  15. klier

    klier Member

    ^ I wanted to use the word magnificent too!! I'll use another: breathtaking!

    Sorry for ever doubting this FL!!!
  16. Padi

    Padi Well-Known Member

    Ok I didn't like this fl before but now when I saw this :icondrool Me want that sedan with that colour, those rims and that interior :bowdown:
  17. ///K

    ///K Well-Known Member

    I love the C63, both the facelift and the older one. The front of the facelifted C63 doesn't seem that busy and bulky now but it wasn't a BIG issue for me on the old one. I just wish they kept the hood from the old one and the double slits on the side on the front bumper. But I love the new headlights, grill, straight fogs and the rear diffuser setup.
  18. braaf

    braaf Active Member

    That steering wheel is gorgeous.
  19. Beemer B773ER

    Beemer B773ER Well-Known Member

    It'd be a nice replacement for that Forester of yours aye... :eusa_danc

    The Estate sure does look the better of the two! Slightly understated, but still oh-so-menacing, especially the blacked-out front lip.

    Just curious why they couldn't put trapezoidal exhaust tips on this face lift, it would definitely help the look of the rear-end.
  20. Just_me

    Just_me Well-Known Member

    Only thing I dislike is the front. Old one were wild, now it looks more tame.
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