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Chris Harris on the BMW M135i and the Audi RS3

posted by Giannis


Just before the shift from the second to the third generation of A3, Audi gave us the RS3, essentially an A3 with the brilliant 2.5TFSI engine and fatter tyres in front, compared to the rear ones. It’s only opponent at the time of the reveal was the 1M, which, leaving the marketing talks aside, is a first generation 1 series coupe, with the rear axle and differential from an E9x M3 and the familiar N54 3.0l turbo engine with the same ECU map as the Z4 sDrive35is, which means 340hp.

Both cars are discontinued at this point, with Audi having already launched the new S3 with 300hp from a 2.0l TFSI engine with both direct and multi point injection and BMW having the M135i, still with the same N54 engine. We really wonder where does Mr. Harris finds his inspiration, but comparing the discontinued RS3 to the new M135i is quite interesting, since the BMW’s engine, is more or less still the same, yet the chassis is totally new.

In the 19′ video that you can find after the jump, Chris Harris does all sorts of test that he could think of, driving the cars both in public roads and the track, while not forgetting to drag race them. The result? Well, we’re not going to spoil it, so hit the “more” button to see the video!

Source: [YouTube]

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