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Chris Harris on the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG

posted by Giannis

Chris Harris, the well known exceptinally skilled driving and drift enthusiast, just laid his hands on the new Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG and gives us his opinion, via a video review. He is impressed by this “bipolar” car. According to Harris, the car feels very stiff and the, twicked by AMG, steering feels kind of light in cruising speeds, but when the speed goes up, the gearbox is set to manual and the ESP to sport, the car is extraordinary. “Turn everything off, and the car’s an animal” said Harris with a big smile on his face, while drifting in some great B-roads just outside Saint Tropez.

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Source: Drive via YouTube

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  • Brilliant car by Mercedes…

  • Did he say he didn't like the design? Seems almost all the Reviewers are saying that (though, reviewers opinions have regressed to about meaningless to me, especially on the subjective stuff..), the CLS also got the same criticism compared to its predecessor.

  • Another remark on the design. The new SL seem to have hard time to impress from design pov.
    It looks so easy when he let the rear go, no drama at all.

  • Ah OK then. Still trying to get used to the new forum.

  • I know. But this thread is automatically generated from the frontpage article, I just posted, thus the "article" prefix. :)

  • I posted that video on the official thread…s-benz-sl63-amg-r231.43181/page-5#post-577944

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