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BMW M5 vs Electricity itself

posted by Giannis

The BMW M5 was the first supersedan. The wolf in a sheep’s clothes as the press called it, was faster than many of the supercars in the market, putting Ferrari and Lamborghinis to shame. The trend of putting a huge engine in a midsized o was also followed by Mercedes-Benz and their AMG division, as well as Audi with their RS division. This resulted in epic battles between the M5, the RS6 and the E55 and later E63 AMG.

But up until now, noone thought that the toughest opponent to beat, would be an electric car. The Tesla Model S was recently introduced to the market with a 416hp rear mounted electric motor. But what is impressive, is the fact that the 600Nm of torque is available from almost zero revs per minute. In comparison, the M5 produces 560hp and 681Nm. But is this enough to beat the Tesla S?

Apparently, the journalists of Automobile Magazine had the same question, which resulted in a very interesting drag race. Click “more” to see the video!

Source: [Automobile Mag YouTube Channel]

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